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  • retrogirl

    I’ve had my greyhound for a couple of months now and she has settled in lovely. She loves living in what to her is the lap of luxury and has built up a good appetite. However when she went to stay with a friend for a weekend she seemed to know that something was different even though the routine that morning was the same and refused to eat. Today is the same. She is going to stay with some friends over the weekend and I’ve kept her routine the same and she didn’t eat her food this morning. Is this a coincidence or does she have an inkling that something is different and has decided to go on hunger strike?

    Premier Icon binners

    Both of mine have an uncanny sixth sense. They’re both acutely aware that they’re actually cats 😀


    Dogs are pretty good at picking up the odd hint of nervousness, which you might well have subconciously exhibited before her stay away from home.

    Mind you, ours would never refuse to eat breakfast. You never know when the next meal might arrive (despite them arriving twice a day every day for his entire life).

    Premier Icon DezB

    Dogs know stuff. They just do.

    Shame mine can’t tell the difference between me shouting angrily and shouting at the Xbox (when playing games with my son and getting thrashed)!


    yes your dog has supernatural powers.

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    He sees dead dogs.

    probably excellent at making crop circles too…


    Roscoe (rip) could tell the time.9pm was always ‘wonder round outside and then biscuit’ time.He’d occasionally saunter up at 8.45 looking hopeful,at which point I’d point to the clock.And he trot off disconsolately.Only to return exactly at 9pm.


    My dogs pick up very subtle differences.

    They seem to know when I’m getting ready to go to work and they won’t be coming and if I’m getting ready to take them out. It’s as simple as a laptop bag or not.

    I did read somewhere that a dog can “hear” your heartbeat and will know if you heart is racing, not sure if thats true, seems a bit far fetched.

    Remember their hearing and smell is way better than ours, also as they can’t speak they communicate with us and each other in much more subtle ways.

    Did you pack some of her stuff this morning? Bed? food bowls?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Dog always knows when mrs b is due home, about 10 min before he’ll just sit a back door waiting for her.
    She works shifts and doesn’t have a routine. She says he doesn’t bother his arse looking out for me 🙄


    I don’t think mine has any sense !

    Boxer…… 😕

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    Is your friend wearing a slightly fusty smelling dressing gown, white with black spots and kinda furry?

    I don’t have a dog but they are clearly tuned into stuff we aren’t. I find those dogs trained to warn of epileptic fits pretty amazing.


    they definitely “know” stuff.
    The diabetic hypo alert & cancer detecting dogs are fascinating.
    Mine can only sniff out cats though.

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    Mine can detect which small child is most likely to drop a piece if toast on the floor. I’m also sure he can detect fox Shit from 2 miles away and prepare himself for rolling in it.


    As other say, they are much better at picking up on body language as they are very signal orientated. So it has more than likely noticed that you are starting to break your routine.

    I wouldn’t worry about it, other than making sure it has the same food when its away and ask you friends not to feed it anything too rich (including treats) as depending on the dogs history (especially if its a puppy farm dog) the nervousness + rich food can lead to stomach infections.

    My second dog, can be a nightmare if she goes to kennels/away for the weekend, as it usually ends up with her shitting blood and a £200 vet’s visit and antibiotics due to her getting so nervous. Mind you she was dumped in the middle of know where when she was two due to her owners getting bored of her, so I can hardly blame her


    Definitely sense stuff. They know when I am due home even though I don’t keep regular hours, they get excited 10 mins before I get home so couldn’t possibly hear the car etc.

    One of mine goes to bed at exactly 1030 every night, just disappears t his basket and that’s the last you see of him. He has started getting up at 530 though which is a pain in the aris.

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    dogs know shit eat their own shit

    Far more accurate.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    Bleugh. Pulling leaf-wrapped dog faeces from my dog’s mouth.


    dogs eat their own shit

    And any other shit they can find, mind you we did breed them into them as it was ‘useful’.

    Premier Icon The Wrong Trousers

    If only they’d eat next door’s cat’s shit, that would be perfect.

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