Disk brakes stick while at work

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  • Disk brakes stick while at work
  • I’m sure this shows my ignorance of how brakes work but anyhoo…

    My rear Formula RX brake locks while I’m at work during the day. Its fine when I get off the bike, but when I go to cycle home again the rear brake has locked solid.

    It’s not with prior use, as this morning I didn’t use the rear brake on purpose, and the thing is now locked solid.

    Presumably it’s a temperature issue potentially causing somethign or other to expand during the day? (and it is now quite hot)?

    What do I do to go about fixing this? 😕
    Cheers 🙂

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    weird ! 😯

    regardless, try holding the brake levers “on” with a rubber band with bike upright while you work and see if they aoutobleed air out of the lines


    How do you get it to work again?
    Are you keeping it in an area where it gets quite warm? If so I suspect any air in the fluid is expending to the extent that the brake is forced on.
    Have you bled it?

    How do I get it working again? Last time I put the bike in the back of a work van and drove home lol… If it’s locked on when I’m about to go to work I use a different bike..

    I haven’t bled it, so I’m guessing that’s whats needed.

    It’s an intermittent problem that I’ve only now thought about the heat – as I hadn’t used the brakes this morning and now they are on solid.

    No free van and no bleed kit at work (or home for that matter) so I may be walking home 🙄

    meant to add – All I’d done so far was piddle about with the allen key mounts tbh..

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    give the lever a few squeezes and then take the wheel out and use a flat blade to push the pads further apart.

    if you can ride home without brakign this shoudl do the job 😉

    If that were my brakes I’d oik out the pistons, clean everything including the seals and then start again with fresh oil.

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