Did campagnolo ever make track frames?

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  • Did campagnolo ever make track frames?
  • Markie

    I think they’ve commissioned frames (for neutral support of races and for shows, etc) but don’t think they ever made any…

    Which means, I guess, that yes there are Campy decalled frames out there, but provenance will be all!

    What era?


    opinions? its pretty solid r.e hubs/bb/headset, looks much sexier in real life i think, light as a feather, tyres evidently need replacing, needs a polish, some good/some bad.

    I have the option to go back for it later.. price is €180 but the fella already said €150 and i didnt even have to ask so i think there is more room for haggling…

    I just kinda like it, definitely dont need it. got a SS cotic roadrat out here but I could sell that and use this as i would only be around town since as soon as you leave the city (Grenoble) its huuuge mountains so wether its ss/fixie doesnt make so much difference i guess.

    oh decisions decisions


    Factor in new tyres (are they tubs?) and a fork with a brake hole then it’s not so cheap. AFAIK Campag never made track frames but did make lugs/track ends etc.


    So I have just seen a rather sexy looking bike at a local market here in France and it is marked on the frame as Campagnolo, however the old internet doesnt seem to throw up any Campagnolo frames, did they ever make any? Or has someone just shoved some stickers on it to fool us all?


    Frame won’t be Campag.
    However just maybe the odd one might have been made by someone like Colnage or De Rosa in the past. Doubt that even.
    Campag stickers on other bikes are not rare though.7Campag dropouts and track ends are not especially good but not junk either. Probably a sign of a fair to middling frame at worst. What size is the seat pin? It may give you an idea of the tubing?
    Try retrobike for more info.


    the dropouts may be campagnolo

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    Frame does look fairly basic (not pretty lugs, dropouts, stay tops). So it really is down to whether you like it or not.

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