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  • Did anyone get the 100% Hydromatic gloves to fit?
  • geomickb
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    I got medium which was miles too small but same as my Briskers.

    Do I need L or XL or a different brand?

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    Sorry, but all I can see is….

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    Tried s my usual size (*from every manufacturer and other brisker as well) – ho ho ho
    Tried M – ho ho ho
    Bought something else as they just didn’t appear to be shaped for hands.

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    I’m on about my third pair, and have always had to size up by one size!
    The fit is weird, but I put up with it as they’re some of the only gloves I’ve found that are vaguely waterproof, quite warm, and don’t belong on the piste.

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    Whats the finger length like? weird shaped gloves might fit me…I tried xl biskers and the fingers were far too long for my fat hands?

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    Same here. Ordered my usual M… bit too small (well, tight really) so ordered L … which are OK but still feel slightly tight and slightly too long in the finger, but not bad either. Pondering whether to try them in anger as everyone does say they’re good, or just back they go.

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    So if mrs_oab is usually an XS with stumpy fingers, might a Small Brisker Hydromatic fit? 🤞

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    I’ve been using the standard Briskers for years. I wear a size L and find they are very tight for the first couple of rides, but after that fit perfectly. I got some of the Hydromatics which are similarly very tight but I’m guessing they’ll be fine. (Hasn’t been cold and wet enough to need them yet).

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    I’m a large in most gloves and the Hydro-doodahs fit but they are tight across the hand when holding a bar (or a closed hand)…they fit but there is very little give. I think the XL would be too baggy in the fingers.
    I’m happy with the large but I’m aware they are a tighter fit – which always cheers me up as it makes me think I’ve got huge hands!

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    I have the non hydromatics and they fit fine but with these I’m all the way up to trying an XL pair. Finger length is fine: but width is designed for skeletons I think 🙁

    Also they are pretty clammy: so I’m going to try something else.

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    Finger length was good in Large but stupidly tight across the hand, and I have narrow hands. The stitching was coming away where the thumb met the palm on one hand, so I didn’t feel like messing around with trying different sizes after noticing that.

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    I went up a size and they fitted fine. Nice and waterproof, warm, however I do find them a bit weird to ride in as the palm feels like it’s made of two layers which slip a little.

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    First ride with the Hydromatics. Initial stiffness soon eased but the are NOT waterproof. 4 hours in the pouring rain in the lakes on Saturday and each one of my fingers was soaking.

    Very disappointed.

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    Considering the weather in the Lakes on Saturday I’d expect nothing to stay waterproof.
    Got a small pair, length is fine but very tight across back of hand but hoping they’ll break in.

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