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  • Di2 on mtb…
  • dweben
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    So… being bit of a cheapskate. I’m pondering, ‘cos I’m so bored of farting about with cables, I hate them, bodging ultegra di2 onto my mtb.

    Would be minimal, maybe a single ring up front, and using either a hill shifter or broken (lever snapped) right shifter chopped up, rotated, and mounted ingeniously (haha) on some dodgy custom bracket.

    Question is… has anyone done it? And can I use a hill shifter on its own into the junction port without the right shifter at all? I’d also look to mount the battery upside down so it sits externally at the down/top tube junction.

    Cheers, Paul

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    Climbing shifters are fine without a main sti as far as I’m aware. You could also avoid cable issues further by using an internal, seat post mounted battery.

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    1×10 Ultegra

    Here’s an interesting example.

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    Imo, based on using it on the road, it’s oarsumz isn’t rear shifting, it’s what it does at the front mech. Don’t get me wrong, effortlessly doing up and down the gears quickly just by holding a button is brilliant, but not a deal breaker for me, it’s the auto trimming, able to shift under full power at the front that makes it, so if you aren’t going to have that then it does seem like a lot of effort/money for relatively little gain.

    Maybe in a couple of years when it filters through to XT level

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