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  • Deore vs SLX 36t ring on a double
  • HermanShake
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    I have a Hone 22/32 which I like but find myself spinning out on blander sections/roads. Replacing the 32 for a 36 appears an obvious solution but with which is unclear.

    I think the Deore is a middle, whereas the SLX is the double ring so there may be issues with chain retention due to shift ramps. I’m planning to remove the bash, but keep the Stinger on.

    I ride in the Peak so durability is important, the Deore being cheap and steel appeals. I imagine the SLX is likely to be steel but is less cheap. I know it’s only a few quid but it adds up, I’m also planning on swapping the 22 for a 24 to reduce the jump. I’m looking at the 24t 10 speed SLX granny, this should work due to ring thickness being the same right?

    Cheers :mrgreen:

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    36-22 didn’t seem too big a jump when I was running my budget 2×9 setup – it’s also what the M665 2×9 SLX crankset comes with as standard (and what Specialized are currently putting on their 2×10 hardtails)

    I think I was using an XT 36t middle ring as the big. I also kept the 3×9 front mech and no bash ring, and I did lose the chain down the outside a couple of times.

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    I’ve run a deore 36t ring as 2×9 without any problems. The ramps & pins are designed to lift the chain onto a bigger ring so it should make no difference whether it was designed as a double & bash (SLX) or missle ring (Deore), it should be the same retention wise.

    I’m pretty sure the SLX 36t ring is aluminium alloy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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