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  • Deity T-Mac Flat Pedal Review
  • singletrackross
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    The Deity T-Mac has a very square pedal body which is extruded and machined from 6061-T6 aluminium using Deity’s unique symmetrical design.

    By singletrackross

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    Deity T-Mac Flat Pedal Review

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    Everybody’s foot is different. Some wider or thinner, some longer or shorter.   So no pedal is exactly right for every use and no matter how many ‘moulds or prototypes’ you come up with it’s never going to suit everybody.

    Standard alloy pedal build with titanium axle pricing(But no ti axle) and heavier than most.

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    Gotta agree mostly with dyna-ti above. There’s a persistent MTB myth that only concave pedals give good grip and that’s only true for ball-of-foot riders. Convex pedals work great for me and other arch-of-foot riders. True flats are for the weirdos! Not really, they’re somewhere in between. T-Macs work a treat for Tyler McCaul, and Deity makes durable parts so that’s great. But wanting ti axles on a freeride pedal? Heavy injuries just waiting to happen.

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    Must admit I got these from recommendations from riders on here…I thought my hope f20 were good….the T-macs are waaaaay better for me and my tiny size 6 feet more grip and comfort…and all the people I go riding with agree bar 1 who couldn’t tell the difference

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