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  • drotos

    I’m new in the TTing, and have an option to choose Deda Parabolica Zero (straight) or Deda Parabolica Due (S-bend) clip-on aerobars. I need them for short to mid length time trials. What do You suggest?


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    Straights can be quite tough on your wrists, s-bends are easier to get comfy for most folk. What is the frame, a normal road frame? If so don’t discount the shorter clip ons. A lot of folk get way too stretched when trying to tt on a normal road frame. Deda used to do the clip-black which could be brought in shorter and the vision mini was popular too.


    I can cut off the Parabolica bars, if they are too long… 🙂 (The Deda Metal Blast much more expensive…) I’d use a normal road frame, but shorter setup (I mean stem, effective toptube lenght).


    Due. Most people don’t get on with straight extensions.


    They look deeply uncool but I find J bend style ones more comfortable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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