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    My dad is looking at getting a road bike after a 30 odd year lay-off. He’s been riding an old mountain bike for a while and wants a proper road bike again as he can’t run as much as he used to.

    He was a proper roadie back in the day so a bike that looks the part is very important to him. He frowns as compact frames & STI shifters in particular.

    He wants something for less than £800 that has or will take full mudguards and 25mm tyres. I suggested the Ribble winter bike as he can spec it exactly as he wants (saddle, tyres etc) and the price is OK with Sora or Tiagra. Is there anyone else that offers a similar bike you can spec up?

    I have showed him a few “off the shelf” bikes, but even with a good discount by the time he changed the tyres, added mudguards, changed saddle etc. they don’t look like great value against the Ribble.

    Thanks for any pointers.

    Tifosi CK3 would be my choice, or maybe a Charge

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    Surosa in Oldham used to do something very similar, as do Dolan I think.

    They may both have gone compact now though.

    I bought one of the Ribble winter frames for about £100 IIRc, then bought all the parts when they where doing one of their 30% off everything sale..

    Whole thing came in well under £800, and is spotty dog for blatting along when the weather turn crappy.


    +1 here too for the Ribble audax…….more traditional horizontal TT geometry should suit him too.


    Another Ribble winter user here. First thing to point out is that it isn’t “that” light and isn’t “that” comfortable.

    However for the money it really is great. I got mine SH, and am running Campagnolo Mirage 9speed kit, total came in at £250. On Ebay they seem to go for around £350ish…

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    +1 on what Will said – especially the harsh ride typical of cheap 7005 framesets

    I use a Charge Juicer mid for winter riding now and it has a very traditional look and ride – Tange Prestige tubes make for a comfortable ride over crap broken winter road surfaces. Its still heavy though and comes with comedy policeman’s bike mudguards but for £500-600 odd quid (its always on offer somewhere) with full Tiagra and shimano wheels it does the business

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    Thanks guys, lots of good info there. I will look at the Dolan, Tifosi and Ribble Audax options. Like the sounds of the Charge also, wieght isn’t such an issue and I think he would like the skinny tubed look, as a nod to yesteryear.


    It’s a bit… boring.

    It’s a bit… boring.

    Its a winter bike… 🙄

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    Had two of the standard “blue” Ribble winter frames – great value for money, but had to swap to a smaller size as they seem to come up a bit large. Only concern was that mudguard clearance was tight for 25mm tyres, frame felt a little harsh with only 23mm, but a cheap carbon post and better bar tape handles it.

    Also had one of the old black “compact” winter bikes which had better clearance – great bike, shame I sold it.

    Lots of people claim to have had shocking service from Ribble – I’ve had two bikes, one frame and various bits over the years, and while they aren’t the quickest, I’ve never had reason to complain.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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