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    It says so in the Daily Mail science pages so it must be true!

    Taken from
    The publication, displaying its singular talent for misinterpreting scientific research, manages to somehow extrapolate the notion that cycle commuting is “one of the biggest causes of heart attacks,” from a study that makes no such claim whatsoever.

    The Mail’s interpretation of the research by Dr Tim Nawrot, from Hasselt University in Belgium published in The Lancet is stunningly simple. If exposure to traffic and physical exertion are significant ‘final straw’ factors in inducing a heart attack and cycle commuting involves both, then, voila!, it follows that: “cycling to work is one of the biggest causes of heart attack.”

    Must have been a slow news day. Although that’s assuming that anything that the Mail prints can be counted as news in the first place…

    Crisps and sweets and watch telly.

    Tis the only way to survive….

    Cycling’s a big con anyway, to line the pockets of cycle retailers and manufacturers who in turn exploit workers in countries with poor Human Rights records, very low pay and few if any workers rights.

    And the mining and refinement of the materials used in making high-vis jackets is environmentally damaging.

    It’s the Elfintruth™. 😐

    Headline in big letters;

    Why cycling to work is one of the biggest causes of heart attacks

    Further down the page;

    Professor David Spiegelhalter, a risk expert from Cambridge University, said it was difficult to ‘disentangle’ the risk factors in the study for certain situations, such as driving or cycling to work in heavy traffic.
    ‘A lot of other factors are contributing to the overall risk; air pollution, stress, physical exertion, even anger which is another well-known trigger for a heart attack. It’s a complex mix,’ he added.

    Daily Mail in misleading headline shock.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It’s a major risk factor for osteoperosis though. Which isn’t as dramatic as heart attacks but is still not that much fun, or ideally compatible with riding off a mountain on a bicycle.

    “Must have been a slow news day. “

    Indeed it is for the Mail. Libya in chaos and Christchurch destroyed is of small importance compared to celeb goss, class wars and obtuse racism.

    I don’t recommend going to bed. Most people die in bed. Beds are lethal.

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