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  • dobo

    OK first of all im normally a mtb rider and have done the odd mtb race and can ride for a few hours no problem.

    Recently ive been doing more running and now training for a half marathon which is my main focus.

    I’d really like to do some cx races and the odd mtb race this autumn/winter but without sacrificing any running.

    so i need to do at least 3 runs and i’d like to do at least 1 ride a week to help improve my mtb/cx races.

    My question is what kind of mtb/cx training would best benefit me if i can only do it once a week?

    the teaboy

    What are your weaknesses?

    Given the half training it will be intensity and technique that you’ll lack on the bike, (I’d guess).

    Technique can be worked on during an extended warm up, corning, mounts/dismounts, sand, steep banks, off camber sections. Local parks are surprisingly good for this type of riding.

    As for sessions, something like 4 * 4 minutes off 2 minutes recovery is a something of a standard over here. Each interval done at an average of over 90% of max H/R


    Thanks, my handling not too bad, always room for improvement but never seems to be much running on the events i see down south..

    I’d guess my main weekness is not being fast enough.. or maintaining that speed for the entire race.

    so guess intervals would help that.

    So is that 4 mins 90% hr effort and then 2 mins recovery x4 times, thats like 24 mins? thought i might need something longer?

    I’ll give these a go tomorrow but any other recommendations welcome

    Not longer, shorter if anything, CX is all about intensity, from the second you start you’ll be in the red, it so far removed from running its untrue.

    Try that session and also try tabata style sessions, being 20 seconds at 100% 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times. If you don’t throw up afterwards you’re not trying hard enough 🙂


    The Swedish Chef is spot on.

    It’s all about intensity.

    Intrevals need to be shortish, and faster than you know you can maintain. Faster than you’ll go in a race, and over similar terrain. You need a good endurance base before you start.

    I think of it like this…..If an MTB XC race is like a drink of Orange cordial, then a cross race is the same, but without the water.



    sounds good, and perfect from a time perspective


    did some 4×4 intervals this morning over a strava segment, almost killed me, got PR’s but not bothering the top riders on my cx, got some work to do..
    is it ok to do these intervals with inclines and declines or best to do them on flat. cx course aint flat..


    Echo the above. Cross races are intense – like a 50 minute interval session where the rest periods require concentration ans skill as you go down hill.

    I’d get used to riding a cross bike fast over tight twisty terrain as well. Different from a mountain bike as you have skinny tyres and no suspension.

    is it ok to do these intervals with inclines and declines or best to do them on flat.

    Just saw this, OK assuming we’re still talking about running then, downhill to increase leg speed and uphill to promote strength and better style. (Downhill running puts a huge stress on the body so I wouldn’t recommend doing 4 minute intervals downhill ;-)).

    However running them on an undulating course is fine


    i meant is it best to do the cx intervals on flat terrain or is it still ok to do them if parts of the course have some ascent and descents?

    in my running i generally do a hill session a speed session and a long run through the week, seems to be working ok

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