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  • Croatia/Split – family holiday, any good outfits that organise rides?
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    Anyone been? Where should i suggest we stay so i can get a couple of rides in with an uplift group or bike hire for good trails?

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    I looked for a group ride or hire bike in Dubrovnik a couple of years ago. Nada, (as the locals might say). The only kind of organised riding I could find was a 7 day touring trip of the islands.

    Like a lot of eastern Europe, the attitude seems to be bikes are transport for poor people and kids toys.

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    I went last year (omis) and my other half told me with glee ‘….and theres a bike hire shop just done the road from the hotel’ so took my helmet/pads and all. When i got there the bikes where all the same and i reckon i would of broke them in 5 minutes (rim brakes, narrow bars, tourer/explorer type of bike). Although i did find some cracking (walking) trails that i would of loved to try out on something that could of went the distance. Maybe a bigger town would have something but never really seen any going about

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    There is some stuff on Brac. Featured in a magazine recently. I think there’s a bloke who offers guiding on an informal basis. Pretty sure I saw him knocking about in enduro kit on a bronson or nomad when I was there last. Fantastic place for a holiday too.
    This may be a good person for a bit of advice (he says on a post to get on touch for advice);

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