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  • riiich

    Hollow out, stuff with a shepherds/cottage pie type mince meat sauce, cover in foil & bake in the oven.


    Hollow out the centre, remove seeds and pulp..
    brown mince, onions, sage and add tomatoes, breadcrumbs and cheese..
    use this mixture to stuff your marrow, bake in the oven for 45 minutes

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Remove the seeds, stuff with a really hot beef chilli, roast till the marrow passes a fork test.

    The cool flesh offsets the chilli perfectly.

    Premier Icon ton

    anyone have any recipes for cooking a marrow?

    It’s just a big courgette is it not?

    Like how the above recipes include getting rid of most of it 😉 Cut it up and eat with meat.


    Fry some onions and garlic in olive oil brown some strips of tender fillet steak. Hollow out the marrow, throw away the innards. Throw away the outer. Eat the aforementioned.


    Grate it up. Mix with some grated carrot, seasoning and fenugreek. Bind together with something (I grind flax seeds and mix with a little water). Then form into fritters and fry. Delicious!


    cut it up into small dice size pieces do the same with some cauliflower and broccoli put it in a bag throw it in the bin and get a steak 😉

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I thought this would be a euphemism!


    Marrow Rum!

    (really don’t try it, waste of good rum.)

    Premier Icon DezB

    Stuff it – marrow tastes of nothing so you need something in there to give it flavour.


    Into Lambs Kidneys ??

    Well similar to above only shallow fry Kidneys, brown off some Bacon until crispy, brown off some white onion, add lots of Basil (fresh) lots of black pepper.
    Half the Marrow, scoop out seeds etc. fill with Kidney mixture, wrap in foil, oven cook for 45/60 mins depending on size of Marrow (should be tender not firm once cooked)
    Serve with a good Chianti.

    Sit on sofa stuffed.


    Cut up marrow, place in a cool dustbin. Possibly the most pointelss vegetable ever. After salad courgettes.

    Premier Icon dmorts

    It seems the “put in the bin” recipe has already been suggested. However you could also place it in a compost heap for around 365 days, might be ready by then

    Is it a courgette that’s got out of control?

    3 years ago my Dad made “marrow” and ginger jam (was actually from v. large courgettes, is there a difference?). One out of the 10 jars was sampled shortly after. 9 jars are still remaining if anyone is interested?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    My mum used to make “Dead man’s leg” with marrow – the mince stuffing recipes above.

    I prefer to take courgettes young and small (max 6″) and grate them. Warm them through in a saute pan with garlic and olive oil. Dont “cook” them or they will just turn to a wet mush. Bit of grated parmesan on top. Lovely.

    If you have the patience It’s also nice to slice them in to thin strips and griddle/barbecue them then toss in a viniagrette & pine nuts. But it takes a while to griddle both sides of enough strips.

    Ive also tried marrow gin (sugar in a hollowed out marrow). But cant recommend it 🙁



    Chop it up, and fry with some soy sauce 😛

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    lol at using a child to steady the marrow, ” you hold it, you’ve got quick reactions..”


    We had this conversation last night.

    OH – do you have any plans for that marrow?
    Me – no, do you?
    OH – I might try to do something with it tomorrow night.
    Me – I’ll be out so that sounds perfect.


    OH – so what can you actually do with a marrow?

    (He’s veggie so stuffing it with mince won’t help and I had no other ideas. Still, if he gets rid of it I’m not too concerned about how!)


    This is apparently very good:

    bloke at work tried it a week or so ago.


    +1 for hollowing out and stuffing with chilli/bolognese type mix


    You could of course make a bucket of soup out of it. Has to be spicy so chillies, tomatoes, maybe pine nuts for some crunch, coriander (lots, fresh)
    Boil the fek out of it, add veg stock, soft fry chillies/butter/nuts then add coriander at the last moment (don’t over cook this) chuck the lot in a blender and pummel away, should last until Xmas that. 😉


    Like Stoner, we use a spaghetti peeler and substitute for pasta, it only needs a few minutes boiling so it’s still got some texture. Then garlic / tomato sauces work well. Courgette fritters are also nice. Or use in chocolate cake to retain the moisture, just make sure you squeeze out the water well before adding to the mixture.


    live in one end, neutral in the other, switch on…

    Premier Icon richmars

    Most of these recipes seem to consist of removing most of the marrow and hiding the taste of what’s left with spice.


    Had 3 recently.

    First one – removed skin and seeds, sliced into chunks and curried it. Not bad.

    Second – left the skin on and made it into a ratatouille type sauce and used it to fill a veggie lasagne. Very good.

    Third – made chutney. Cooked it up with shallots, apple, sultanas, ginger, sugar and vinegar. Tried some the other day – pretty good.


    Thought I was reading the viz for a minute. 🙂

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