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  • Claudio being left for dead by Manon
  • Premier Icon nickc


    On his race run helmet cam 😯


    Did you watch the same video I did? He even over took her at one point! Great vid anyway, it’s amazing how quickly the both fly over some of those rock gardens and the jumps at the end – HUGE! 😮


    Such a great track


    Awesome video! Not sure she left him for dead, but she would certainly leave me for dead!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    excellent stuff!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    When they cross the line, I think I’d still be up at the woods 😆 Nice to see some new stuff though they seem to have put most of the work in rebuilding the stuff they rebuilt a couple of years ago.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    Great stuff thanks for posting , sketchy gravel looks sketchy !

    Shes taking it easy.

    Premier Icon nickc

    love the way she drops him at the top!

    Hob Nob

    Left for dead? Did I watch a different video?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    That looks like it’s more fun to ride than my skills could handle 🙂

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    Great Vid, can’t wait to see the race.

    I think Claudio held his own, he had the advantage of knowing the way of course, he’d walked it and Manon hadn’t – hence why when they got to the taped off ‘off track’ bits she stopped – given a bit of room though she pulled lumps out of him

    Premier Icon thegreatape

    He sounds like a Muppet 🙂

    (capital M, not small m)

    Great vid. Think he got a surprise in the first section just how quick she is-thought he was going to give up the commentary just to concentrate on keeping up.
    I did think he could get a job with Superior Bikes with ‘oh she’s taking the man’s line’


    Great video, love Claudio’s course commentary on each of the WC rounds, Rob Warner did one at Val di Sole (i think ?) a few years ago and although it was entertaining he was as slow as typical weekend hacker…Claudio still has some pace about him!

    Manon is awesome, good to see her clearing the jumps at the end…there was some criticism in the last few years that the women werent cleaning as many jumps and some pressure for course designers to tame things and put chicken lines in for the women….even if the jumps have been made smaller for the women they still look bloody big enough for me!….and Claudio’s reaction tells you they’re great fun.

    Manon clearly not at full pace if she hasnt even had a track walk yet….and yet still so fast at the top!…frightening just how quick the top girls are.

    Cant wait, anyone know what time it goes out on Sunday?

    Premier Icon maxtorque

    Bunny Hunt! 😆

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Hardly left for dead but it looks like he was pushing it and she was cruising.

    Best fort William vid was the minaar one from a couple of years back with a fairly calm commentary whilst not that far off race pace.

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