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  • Charity Mountain Bike Rides
  • lank45
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    Looking to do a bike ride/race for charity this year to give myself a goal to aim for and do a little something for charity. Searching for them gives lots of road rides but not so many mountain bike rides, so does anyone have any experience or know of any events coming up in The North?

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    Do you mean other than getting sponsership for doing something like Colne Valley Mountain Bike Challenge? ( – links to others on there too)

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    I looked at a couple of them but the minimum sponsorship they were demanding was more than I was willing to tap my colleagues and mates for.

    Think British Heart Foundation had a decent looking one in the peaks though (assuming that doesn’t count as the south)

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    How far North?

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    2 years ago I approached a charity and offered my fund raising services – they set up a justgiving account, publicised my event in related professional magazines and gave me some support along the way.
    I just did SiTS solo, you could do something similar?

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    Wild Boar Challenge in Leeds, October. 50k of towpath and some singletrack, not technical or particularly hilly but fun, popular and it’s for charity.

    The website has disappeared now but it’s run a few years on the trot now and is organised by the Rothwell District Lions

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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