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  • chainsaws?
  • anyone know anything about chainsaws?

    looking to get a petrol one, 100/150ish, any recommendations?

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    Maybe get a job as Cbeebies presenter when you’re done with it?

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    any recommendations?

    The word in the woods is Husqvarna (spelling) or back in the real world Stihl.

    Just make sure you factor in costs for helmet, gloves and chaps (protective trousers).


    I would add to your budget a set of these if you are serious about getting a petrol chainsaw

    Lethal things, unsurprisingly enough


    Spend as much on PPE as you do on the saw. Boots, snaggy troos, helmet and goggles/visor and earmuffs are absolute minimum.

    Get the full file kit and learn how to use it from day 1.

    Get a maul for splitting, not a felling axe.

    You’ll need lots of ancilliary tools to work safely and efficiently, bowsaw, billhook, rope, knife etc.

    Use any spare chain oil on your bike.


    Oh, get Stihl. It’s the “XT” of chainsaws.

    Husqy (XTR) if your living depends on it.

    Are you lookin to fuel the house? think carefully about storage and seasoning. Remember you’re cutting wood to burn next year.


    The word is definitely Stihl…

    But be careful, read the manual, get gloves and goggles and wear them, get a chain sharepener, and if possible try a few practice goes on some old wood before you attack anything too big

    Oh and watch out for fences that a tree has engulfed in it’s time, not nice having it ripped out your hands while you’re busy using it.

    But one of the most fun garden toys ever!

    its to use for cutting up logs for fuel not felling. i’ve been using an electric one but its not up to the job for larger logs – anything over a stick really!

    i worked with a treesurgeon for a while many years ago as a lacky, used husqvarna then. non of thats safety stuff though, shorts and sunnies.


    Husqvarna….. and go to a good shop and get them retune the carb before you leave. All new engines are tuned and locked for emmissions, rather than performance. Husky dealers can override this for ‘maintenance’ and they run a whole lot better 🙂


    sthil are what we used to use at work…. no goggles – just squint a bit more, no saftey trousers, pair of trainers. i know that accidents do happen and can ber very unpleasent but as with most H&S it’s more common sense.

    i used to be swinging from trusses with a 60cm saw lobbing off the ends.


    exercise caution, training course or at least lots of common sense.

    My mum, an ex rural nurse bought my dad the most expensive pair of trousers he ever owned – proper chainsaw stoppers, due to number of people coming in with bits missing. Local timber yard briefed to keep ice and clingfilm on tap and get the bits to hopital quick. Even then the old git took most of a finger off on a bandsaw ……

    If you trip over backwards while holding a chainsaw, keep hold of it. Do not try and throw it away from you and do let go so you can use your arms to break your fall.

    Having said that, landing backwards on a tree stump while hlding a chainsaw above you is very painful too. 3 ribs each broken in 2 places. 🙁


    Stihl are more user friendly than the Huskys, but ditto what has been said, its more important that you know how to use them correctly.

    Even cutting wood I would have on helmet and trousers and boots at the minium (That PPE alone would set you back £150 and thats basic stuff).


    My Brothers father in law used to work for the FC and he’s very anti H&S bullshit (as he calls it) and even he wears chainsaw trousers and googles and he’s missing 2 fingers and the end of 1 thumb.

    It’s all well and good saying, I used to chainsaw nail ridden wood in my speedo’s whilst smoking crack, and flicking matches at rabid dogs and nothing happened to me, but ultimately if you like having all your limbs attached to you and working the safety equipment is well worth buying (and using).

    richc – It’s all well and good saying, I used to chainsaw nail ridden wood in my speedo’s whilst smoking crack, and flicking matches at rabid dogs

    Great party wasn’t it?

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