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  • chopperT

    I have a long standing relationship with Finish Line green (wet) chainlube, but the guy at my LBS (and the fact that they were out of stock) convinced me to try Rocknroll Gold lube.

    Much cleaner to use, and stays clean, but the chain always sounds "dry" when riding, AND I just checked wear, at 0.75% after c.1500km (road).

    Anyone have any experience of this product?


    Sounds expensive, I use cheap chainsaw chain lube, comes in big tubs. I tried the dry stuff before and you're right it's dry. I don't think they thought it through.
    I may have to start selling the chainsaw lube, perhaps with a fancy marketing name in dinky little pots.

    'Superglitzyfunky' lube anyone? 🙂


    'Superglitzyfunky' lube anyone?
    no thanks. I'll stick with Rock n Roll Gold. Great stuff.


    Wonders how Rock and Roll Gold would cope on my chainsaw……………


    you should probably use chainsaw lube for that.


    Personally, I have had great results with Rock 'n roll extreme lube. Jolly good wax lube and really helps keep the chain clean.



    Doing practically the same job under greater power


    squirt lube… stays clean and never sounds dry 😉



    Doing practically the same job under greater power

    Not really, chainsaws don't have mechs, or need to shift gear, or run in mud and water all day.

    The idea of dry lube is that it can still lube fine and it doesn't tend towards being a gritty paste when it gets a bit dirty/dusty.


    true story.
    started lasts years GDR race with RocknRoll.A decision based on 20 years of mtbiking experience.I dont think the bottle liked the temperature changes in my frame pack as it went brittle and broke apart in my hand in Colorado.Days later found a shop to buy lube and was given Squirt to try.
    now import Squirt into UK and my year has been chain lube …yawn.
    check out request a sample.Use it properly and you will be surprised what a wax lube can do.
    this is an extract from a mail i recieved yesterday from endurance rider Dave Powell and is becoming a familiar story
    Well it was nice to ride with a product that exceeded what I was expecting of it – having tried wax based lubes many moons ago only to have them wash off early on in the ride I took a bottle of 'finish line wet' stuff with me on Monday, worried that squirt would run beautifully for an hour or so before vanishing. It turned out to be the first ride I've done in months (summer obviously being just was wet as winter nowadays!) where I didn't have to stop mid ride to re-lube or get home with my bike sounding like a neglected £50 catalogue special…

    Cleaning the bike is less of a chore after using it too, which is always a bonus!

    carl… your website nearly 'pinked' me out!

    I have been using putoline motorcycle chain wax – solid stuff you melt on the stove and I will never go back to conventional expensive cycle lubes. This stuff is <£20 for a kilo compared to a fiver or more for 100G

    This stuff lasts 10X longer on your chain and seems to improve chain life dramatically.

    Interstingly scienceofficer has tried it and not found the same improvement but I am absolutly evangelical about this stuff. Huge money and time saver IME / IMO


    TJ, I used to boil my MX chains in that, but isnt it so heavy is stops the chain from being able to derail when you want to change gears at first? And does it not stay mega thick in the winter?

    From memory its even stickier and thicker than the packing grease thats on new chains.

    Tygris R-273 motorcycle chain wax for me.
    The aerosol pressure is a bit high so you need to wipe off the overspray but it does a great job in wet sandy conditions for not too much money.

    I used to use the Castrol version but they reformulated it a few years ago and it's now nowhere near as good.

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    That site is way too pink. Filled your form in, now lets see if its as good as you say (hope so) 🙂

    tinsy – Member

    TJ, I used to boil my MX chains in that, but isnt it so heavy is stops the chain from being able to derail when you want to change gears at first? And does it not stay mega thick in the winter?

    Not my experience – lovely slick shifting It is very thick – virtually solid on the chain it is not sticky at all – I wipe the outside of the chain down so it is only on the rollers and in the bushes. chain stays clean as do the sprockets, gear shifting is unaffected.

    I will never go back to conventional cycle lubes

    Like TJ, I've not noticed any deleterious impacts to shifting from Putoline chain wax, and its excellent in dry conditions – about once a month.

    However, in the proper wet and mud I've found it only lasts 4-5 hours – this is still better than any other lube though. Finish line generally lasts abut 2-3 hours in these conditions – its just that finish line wet is alot easier to apply on a regular basis. Having to melt a tub of smelly wax to relube after every ride is a bit too much hassle for me.

    I've been keeping a close eye on chain wear too, and in this regard, my chains are lasting very well. Currently 9 months riding at 10 hours a week spread across two chains is showing no measurable change from new.

    Anyway, I've made an application for some trial squirt. I'd like to see how it fares.

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread.

    I received my trial bottle of Squirt and duly applied. I've since had one super wet muddy ride after I fully degreased the chain and applied it as per instructions.

    Its easier to apply than the Putoline chainwax and doesn't involve heating tubs of wax it melt, which is a plus.

    It does take overnight to dry, being water based, so is useless for the last minuters amongst us.

    I rode for about 3 hours in typical Mendip winter conditions, hosed my bike down, put it in the garage and I've left it since Sunday.

    I've just sorted the bike for the next ride and found that the Squirt lube is nearly completely gone from the chain. However, I'm running a PC971 without rust treatment and its been left, untreated and wet since sunday lunchtime – there was very little rust on it, suggesting that there is a film of lube left on the chain. I've ran a few links through my hand and there is a waxy feel to my hand afterwards, so its still there.

    The chain is also very clean. Much cleaner than say, R'n'R' Extreme (the blue one) and Putoline. I ran a stiff bristled brush dry along the inner and outer surfaces of the chain, which knocked off a little dried mud as dust, and went straight ahead and lubed up with what was left in the sample bottle. Nice and easy.

    Jury's out on longevity of the chain and I don't think Squirt will stand a five or six hour ride in Mendip mud, but I've been impressed enough to buy a couple of bottles to try it for longer. My chain checker will duly be wielded to monitor progress…

    halfords own brand wet lube, went out last night, that stuff sticks like turd on a fleace! And the pots twice the size of finish line.


    I have to agree with scienceofficer. I've been really impressed with "Squirt" so far. Stood up to some pretty horrible conditions with out any grinding/graunching at all. I carry a bit of wet lube just in case but haven't had to use it yet. Nice to get home without all the usual cack on the chain too

    Again only been using for a couple of months so not sure on longevity but so far so good 🙂


    Pedros syn lube ,local grit means wash bike after each ride, so dry and relube chain each time ,let oil soak in, wipe before ride.Cheap and cheerful for me. whip chain off once fortnight-ish shake in spirit re-oil.I think local grit kills chains more than lube saves them !

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    Long term Finish Line Wet Cross country lube user here (Green top)

    Someone nudged me into trying the new Muc Off Wet Lube….. impressed… might change to it.


    haven used rocknroll, I have used finish line lube for years, however off the back of some of their other products (fork juice and dirt juice) i am now using Juice lubes 'chain juice'

    like all their stuff… works very well… seems to be longer lasting than the finish line lube…

    Nifty bottle too… like the type found on wood glue pots.

    Their ceramic lube is spot on for road use, as is the extreme… use that on the road bike…


    I'm deffo a fan of the Squirt. It's longer lasting than the other dry lubes I've tried, easy to clean and not being solvent based, it's theoretically environmentally friendlier.

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