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  • Canyon nerve pivot bearing replacement how difficult?
  • jimw

    You could probably do it with the usual ‘drifts and sockets’ method (plus a large hammer). However the chances are you might damage the new ones putting them in, especially if you are not used to doing it. I looked into getting bearing pullers for the bearings on my Nerve 29AL. If yours are the same dimensions, the usual cheaper options such as pullers from On-One won’t fit so you may have to get a rather expensive set.
    If you find a cheaper option, let me know!

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    10 bearings to replace had 3 years abuse so time for a change as I have rear wheel steering!
    Been quoted between £60 to £80 to replace I have sourced the bearings but have no proper bearing press or puller so is it doable without the proper tools?



    What Nerve is it? I have a 2012 Nerve AM and I’ll be checking the pivot bearings over sometime soon. If the bearings you sourced would be the same for mine I’d appreciate the info on which ones you need, where to get them from etc

    As for getting them done. £60-£80 doesn’t sound too bad as getting the right tools for doing the job will probably cost you a similar amount. Also I presume it means you get an experienced person doing it and therefore more likely to do it properly. I wouldn’t want to screw that job up myself.

    Oh and put some threadlock on the bolts when you do them back up. Mine used to have a habit of coming loose and I’ve read of others on here who’ve had the same problem.


    If someone can do them for £80 I would honestly go for that.

    I did all of them on a 2012 nerve xc easily except the main one (near the BB) I couldnt get it to move after a couple of attempts – its spherical if that makes any difference. A thief relived me of the bike before my third try.

    More details here:


    It was a nightmare to do with my Strive because the surface surrounding some of the pivots wasn’t flat with which to get any purchase with a puller. I got there in the end but it’s not something I’d want to do again. If the Nerve is anything similar, I’d go with the £60-£80 offer, especially if you’re getting 3 years’ use out of them. Pack them out with marine grease beforehand though.

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    Sourced the bearings form Katec on ebay (Kaseae)


    As has been said they’re all easy to replace other than the main spherical ones. Thankfully on my 2011 Nerve AM that’s still ok but I get through the one in the rocker linkage in about 12 months normally.

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    I have a Nerve AM, as above: the main pivot ones are hard to shift, I had to get hold of a blind bearing puller (8mm) and slide hammer to get mine out. The rest are normal bearings and I reckon you could get away with just using a socket and some judicious persuasion with a hammer.


    Same issue here on a Nerve AM 2012 ….managed to get the rear triangle apart including the spherical BB bearings .I had previously used Loctite 243 on all linkage bolts and when I came to disassemble the BB spherical bearing was stuck to the bolt so it came out fused to the bolt!

    Any help with the below would be appreciated.

    Rocker arm bearings changed large 608’s …used the superstar tool no issues

    Rocker arm small bearing 626’s I think….changed using sockets / bolts no issues

    chainstay bearings near the QR will not move 2 are sat side by side with a spacer between them. I understand there is an internal lip also which means they can’t be pushed through …..tried an 8mm blind bearing puller and I’ve broken the collet! Tried a punch after moving the spacer to the side and catching the lip of the inner race used a mallet rather than a hammer though so I may not have given it a big enough whack….. advice appreciated.

    I have 1 spherical bearing stuck in the chainstay ….. any advice on tools used to remove this bearings and then the method you used to re-assemble would again be appreciated.


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