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  • Canyon Lux World Cup CFR Team review
  • rhyswainwright
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    Mathieu van der Poel rides a Canyon Lux World Cup Team, not races, as he hasn’t done a top-level mountain bike race this year.

    By rhyswainwright

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    Canyon Lux World Cup CFR Team review

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    you’re never getting a light on those bars. Trust me, I tried.

    There’s a picture immediately underneath that sentence of a light on those bars.

    Take your point though.

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    A number of things for me.

    1. That HA – 68.5. I’ve an Intense Sniper XC at 67.5 & it’s eminently capable of bailing me out of trouble. I’ve looked at the Blur & TBH been put off by 68.5 (& no room for an angle set). Your thoughts on that aspect are pushing me towards NOT changing the Sniper for the Blur. I’m not convinced XC bikes will become much slacker though, as otherwise that front wheel will be too far out up front on climbs.
    2. I’m not sure a properly set up XC bike with appropriate geo needs a dropper. I’ve had my Sniper for 4 yrs (?) & not once thought I need a dropper. Maybe that’s because of where I ride or how I ride but I’ve had that discussion with other old elites & we all say “nah”. Mind steeper pro courses are a different ball game to what us mortals ride so…
    3. The JS VPP compared to the single pivot I can’t compare, but again it never seems out of its depth or to have too much bob. I do lock it out on fire roads & it can get a bit excited on long fast choppy descents otherwise all good.

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    Impressively honest [ read damning] review.
    Will stear clear if I ever get round to replacing the Anthem.

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    I didn’t read that as a particularly damning review to be honest.

    It’s just a bike designed for a particular purpose.

    I’ve got a Lux Trail (slightly slacker head angle/dropper post/heavier frame) and its a great bit of kit for the riding I do (I live in the Lakes before anyone decides I live in Norfolk…).

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    Yes, it’s an XC bike designed for WC racing so about 1.5 hours, not 10 and the last WC XC race I watched none of the riders had bladders all had water bottles. Seems funny all WC bikes seemed to have had water bottles.

    You mention Mathieu van der Poel rides a Canyon Lux World Cup Team but hasn’t raced this year yet Loanna Lecomte has raced one very successfully this year including winning the Women’s Euro’s.

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    I just can’t work out how it’s so heavy.

    My 500mm reach size large NS synonym, 120 34 stepcast, 30mm rims, 125mm dropper, 2.35 mezcals and an insert in the rear is lighter.

    Did you fill the frame up with water?

    Weigh it with 6 pairs of pedals attached?

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