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  • Can you sharpen blunt saws?
  • breatheeasy
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    Got a saw that seems to be on it’s last legs in terms of a nice cut – is there anything out there that sharpens them, or is it just as easy/cheap to just get a new saw?

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    They can be sharpened – but for most its cheaper to buy a new saw.

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    is it a chain saw? then yes if not i (deep breath) agree with TJ

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    bit of a sad enditement really that it costs more to continue using somethign than replace it 🙁

    my local lawnmower repairs place does saw sharpening.

    I quite like the idea of buying a saw for life rather than every couple of years.

    proper job

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    Depends on the type of saw. If it’s a modern hardpoint saw (probably has a plastic handle), then no.

    If it’s an old school one (probably has a wooden handle) then yes.

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    bit of a sad enditement really that it costs more to continue using somethign than replace it

    I’m less fussed about throwing away a blunt saw than about junking other more complex household items just because one small part needs replacing, but that is still uneconomic.

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    as a chippy i was buying a new 22″jacksaw every two weeks or so when roofing. ended up buying in bulk as it then worked out around 4quid/saw.

    it is quite a waste of metal but the plumbers of ground workers were alwasys happy to use them.

    worked with an old fella, normski, who used to tell tales that whilst on his apprenticeship they wouldn’t buy him his beer on fridays until he’d sharpened the saw. all by hand of course.

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    my dad did them with a file (old school saws), but he was money poor and time rich.

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    We do occasionally get people asking this at my work, and yes it is uneconomical nowadays. The quality of saws used to be a lot better but people just buy on price nowadays.

    You CAN still get saws made using the highest quality steel, with oiled hardwood handles which you could sharpen many times, with copper riveted construction. There is a hand tool shop in Bakewell which brought tears to my eyes when I went in. They sold all the best quality stuff, handsaws for £90, a wall full of plastering trowels ranging up to £80. It was heaven!! Go there if you are in the area (good riding too). They had sets of Allen keys which made Park tools look like toddlers toys, how about £65 for a set? Amazing.

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