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  • Bird Aeris 9 review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Bird Aeris 9 is a 160mm travel full suspension 29er made out of aluminium. Designed, specced and assembled in Britain.

    By ben_haworth

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    Bird Aeris 9 review

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    What is the weight of the bike you tested? Ta 🙂

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    No idea what any of them geometry numbers mean apart from the seatpost. Great to see manufacturers actually putting decent length droppers in new bikes so they actually fit people from the off.
    ( looking at you Trek with your ridiculous 150mm pos on the Slash)

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    They have released the AM bike since this article which is a carbon version, with very similar specs.

    I have an aeris 9, I really like it. Built up with a coil, Zebs, ex511s and hope V4s. Light it isn’t, but when you point it down it’s mega

    It does pedal very well, but not what you’d call ‘spritely’. I had a jeffsy before, and getting up and ‘sprinting’ was enjoyable and rewarding, that isn’t the case with the aeris.

    But some of that is likely down to my choice of parts and build spec.

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    Which shock are you using Jake?

    I agree about the pedaling manners. I’ve felt a bit overbiked for most of my UK riding, but it really came into its own in the Alps this month.

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