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  • bikes you’ve sold. but whish you hadn’t
  • my old trailstar, bought off here for £250 as a hack bike, then pimped up with the best part of a grand spent on it!

    My old SS Inbred, bought off here from firestarter. I know theres a load of hype about On-Ones but I really do miss that bike – was brilliant.

    Also my old Curtis Supercross. One of the first ones ever made in on-off mango. Was lovely…


    2001 Rocky Mountain Vertex frame that I sold to Gid (DirtandDreams) back in 2003. Really regretted that.


    more interestingly, why did you sell them?


    Watched a DH vid, convinced myself I needed a suspension bike to make me ride faster. I actually went backwards.


    poor Hora 😥


    Trailstar here too. Sold it because it was heavier than everyone else’s XC bike, and a bit small.

    Even though I was always last on the rides I reckon I was having the most fun, taking the steepest bumpiest lines every chance I got.

    Not so much on the assents.

    Spooky metalhead- sold to purchase xc bike as i moved and stopped dirtjumping.
    Sunn Bmix team bike as raced at bercy 98 , this one i really regret bmix made from columbus tubing with a rear mech and some obys forks in the lovely team blue with the bubble stickers. But i ve just bought one and going to make a replica. sold to buy the spooky.


    I gave away my original ParkPre Comp Pro? to my plumbing friend in return for the work he did helping me rebuild/ replumb my bathroom. he rode it for a couple of months and then nothing. It is sitting forlornly in a barn now, a real shame. STX RC rear mech, some RS Judies, M600? V brakes, straight pull hubs (name escapes me).


    My Turner 5 Spot (HL)…but then I bought it back again and it’s currently my favourite bike – and has been for a good while now.


    Yawn!, this was done only a few months ago, unfortunately I can’t prove it. Damn them hackers.


    2nd generation Mountain Cycle San Andreas in mint condition from about 1994 with carbon FSX Judys, CQP steel crank set, Real levers, White industries hub, Control tech, ringle etc…
    Sold about 5 years ago due to not being used and a real need to turn some of my possessions into cash to live!!!
    Regret it so much now and would love to track it down and get it back…


    Gave away my tushingham!! (this was the very first orange bike, pre Clockwork before orange bikes was set up when lester noble still worked for tushingham sails?) it was orange and white and the guy I gave it to sprayed it matt black with a can!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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    2001 Stumpy hardtail, in black ‘n’ red – was a lovely bike -(

    Premier Icon Andy

    Why did i sell my Explosif? Because i thought an 853 on one would a better bike. It wasn’t.


    My 224dd – because I was convinced I needed something lighter. Nothing since has made me smile as much.

    Original Cove Hummer – sold because someone offered me money for it

    Beginning to miss the Evil Sov’, sold because I’m facing facts that hardtails hurt my battered back.


    cotic soul, sold as frame only and made the move to an orange 5.
    Now on a chameleon and as fun as it is it’s not as capable and all round as the soul.


    Cove Stiffee 69er limted edition to pay plane ticket to see long distance GF.

    Biggest regret ever.


    Pace RC200 with green tyres and green trick bits back in 97

    kona unit

    santa cruz super 8

    spech stumpy


    Probably a 1st generation GT I-Drive.
    Although when I get my act together and sort out my 2004 MsIsle frame to sell, it’ll definately be that!


    853 geared Inbred, built it from scratch, had a whole lot of fun on it, got first refusal with the owner to buy it back again, if he ever sells it 😉

    Needed the money at the time, otherwise it would not have gone!

    Still have the SS version though 😉


    I sold my beautiful polished aluminium silver AMP B2 (1994 model) because I needed the money to buy the next greatest thing in mountain biking – a URT Rocky Mountain Speed that broke. What a fool. I really wish I still had the AMP – a true collectible early FS classic IMO.

    tops 5

    1997 GT zazkar LE Ball Burnished – traded it in for a set of Pace forks for my (then) new LTS!


    ’92 Cindercone with original kit, largely because 7speed Suntour stuff was (or seemed) difficult and expensive to get hold of at the time and I didn’t want to change the drivetrain.

    Of course there’s millions of cassettes etc on ebay now… 🙁


    my first bike…1989 stumpy…… then my 98 klein attitude pro…

    thing is, they did, in a roundabout way, get me my current stable of Turners…

    Sold my Kona Hei Hei (the Ti hardtail, not the current FS thing) and put the money towards a Moots because I wanted disc brakes.

    Things have just never been the same since.


    My only regret was selling my 1993 Klein Rascal. Thinking about it i can name every part that was on it. So i will..

    Klein rascal in candy apple blue, RC35 forks, Grafton speed controllers, Cook bros RSR cranks, USE ti post, flite saddle, syncros stem/bars, onza porkypaws and clipless pedals, umma gumma tyres, King headset and hubs, XC pro bits.

    Retrobike heaven.

    The only other frame i miss was a Pace rc200 that went to dr_sam on stw.


    my 93 Cinder Cone (bronzy/goldy colour) made way for a Yamaha DT50 when I was 16!
    To make myself feel better, I bought a 92 Lava Dome (thumbies and all!) off here two years ago. Still love it now although Chameleon is weapon of choice


    2002 Turner RFX…….. 😥

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