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  • Bike Check: Ministry Cycles CNC Protoype
  • stwhannah
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    This bike at the EXT stand at Sea Otter caught my eye, so I stopped its designer Chris Curry for a bit more insight into what it’s all about. What are …

    By stwhannah

    Get the full story here:

    Bike Check: Ministry Cycles CNC Protoype

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    That’s a lot of claims for the suspension system.

    How does that compare to a horst linkage suspension system?

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    Been following this for a while, he’s put in a lot of effort and I hope he does well.

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    I follow Chris on insta

    The was also an interesting pinkbike podcast with him a while ago.

    he’s not trying to replicate a horst, his starting point was a single pivot and then evolving from there. He’s covered a lot about his suspension design on his channel.


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    Been following Ministry for a while now – Chris does great daily vids on Instagram showcasing the development of his brand/bike and start up mountianbike company which are really interesting.

    Great to see him get some more exposure.

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    Jesus built my mountain bike.

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