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  • gravitysucks

    Hey guys,

    I’ve got a mate who’s been selected to represent GB in ice climbing at the Olympics next year but for him to get there he’s going to need the best part of £10k to fund his Olympic year with training and transport / accommodation etc for comps, world cups and the games.

    He’s already looking at getting sponsors on board but I’ve suggested he looks at setting something up like a bank or paypal account so he can receive money from friends, family or people just wanting to get a British lad to the Olympics.

    I know of websites like offer a service similar to just giving but take a 4% cut.
    Anyone have a good ideas?? With social media etc the way it is I reckon if he can get enough exposure and people willing to bung the odd couple of quid it’s easily doable but it doing it in a way that is easy for people to make a donation.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Take a look at – takes a cut from online retailers when people spend money there. I’ve got no direct experience but I’ve just had an email from another sport who are using it to help raise money to support teams going to future world and european champs.


    Not really helpful, but if using Paypal don’t leave large amounts sat in the account. They have been know to freeze accounts and it can take 90+ days to release funds.


    Has he spoken to the BMC? I thought they might have got involved with something like this.

    Premier Icon andyfla

    How about one of the crowdsourcing sites- you need to offer stuff (go climbing with him, talking to businesses, Wi group, etc)


    Just giving seems to be the fundraising site of choice, then just go ballistic in social media, sponsor a few facebook posts for a few quid, get the story out to local rags, maybe national papers too. Perhaps a sponsored climb for more exposure…


    I never knew ice climbing was a competitive sport never mind an Olympic one!

    Surely there is some kind of funding from the BOC if he has been selected?


    As its a showcase rather than an “official” event, I’m guessing there may be a reluctance from official bodies to hand over cash?

    You could try the UIAA, the BMC or the MCoS (if appropriate)


    I hope he does well.
    My only concern is that is £10k going to be enough?
    A years training, transport, accommodation, diet etc.
    It doesn’t go so far so maybe set the barrier a bit higher.
    It’s better that than saying thanks for last time but now I need more.
    Tell him good luck.


    what about approaching ‘relevant’ manufactures/companies direct – tagged gear etc etc do a demo day for company prize winners/execs/sales targets/prizes for promotions drone z blah

    ps I’m old so these are untrendy

    Foxs Glacier Mints
    Smirnoff (Ice)
    etc etc


    Just a thought too, you should probably post something on UK Climbing to promote this. Im sure there’ll be folk there that can help.


    cheers for the suggestions guys.

    He’s already on top of trying to get sponsorship but some good ideas about promo \ demo \ coaching days etc. I guess it also comes down to not spreading himself to thin were training could be affected.

    BMC arn’t the best when it comes to financing stuff unfortunately, he’s still got his fingers crossed but even if he is lucky it wouldn’t cover that much when you take everything into account.

    This is really just to figure out the best way to receive money. obviously the easier it is to donate the more chance he’s got of people dropping the odd quid here and there

    If your interested have a nosey at his website….

    and some info about his olympic dream…


    I cant help in particular on climbing, but I do know from competitive skiing days that once you got to national squad level then you automatically got some stuff paid for ie hotels, training camps etc.

    Surely BOC will be organising a whole raft of support for all team members and that should be the place to start. Afterall they will expect him to turn up in Team GB stuff, and he will have to be careful as to what sponsorship he gets privately.

    Back in my day it was approaching local companies, telling them what exposure you are going to get nationally or locally etc etc.

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