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  • mysterymove

    OK so I’ve been riding an Intense 6.6 for four years and it’s an awesome bike, it suits the more gravity style of riding which i don’t get to do half as much as i used to now I’ve moved to Nottingham, most of my riding now round trial centers or round the peaks with the odd DH day. The Intense is way too much bike for this, but does suit my riding style.

    So my dilema is this…
    The intense has had 4 years of abuse and needs some major parts replacing (forks, wheels etc) and needs to go on a diet as dragging a 6″ AM bike round Cannock is a right PITA! So…

    a) Do i spend the money on the Intense
    b) Split it and put the proceeds to buying a beefy Orange 5 Build?

    I’m hoping the Orange Five with Fox 36’s and a Maxle back end will be a good cross over OK on a four hour ride but still capable of the odd trip to the alps and uplift day?

    Usual banter and flaming expected…

    Cheers Ben

    Rob Hilton

    Always fancied one of those – what size frame?


    Selling up and going for something more suited to your riding is always a good idea. There are plenty of capable 5-6″ bikes around, so it would be foolish to limit yourself to the 5 without trying to demo a few.
    Blur LT
    5 spot
    etc etc


    I think the general consensus is that a 5 with 36’s doesn’t work, too slack on climbs. Be perfectly adequate at 140/150 IMO


    Its a small in black…

    I’m going to start demoing i think, wont be buying until march so plenty of time to mull it over!

    Not heard of the Five not working with 36s? will ahve to do some digging…

    Rob Hilton

    Bloimy! My size & favourite (bike)colour!

    Bear me in mind if you do want to flog it sometime.

    Could also be interested in some kind of trade on the 36s if you don’t have TALAS – I do and I don’t need them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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