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  • Anyone ride 1×9?
  • Premier Icon rickon

    Thinking of going 1×9… i've got a single 32t ring up front on my SS, if i pop a 10 speed casette on the rear and a shifter and mech… will the chain still stay on the front through the gears? or will i need a chain guide?

    Help appreciado 🙂

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    All I chose to do on my sliding dropout Inbred was put a really simple bash ring on the outside up front – didn't have any great problems with the chain coming off ever.


    Why a 10spd rear casette? A 9spd or 8spd will cover the range just fine

    It depends, if you're only riding on smoother stuff (no stairs/rough stuff/drops/jumps) then with an unramped (dedicated single ring) front chainring you can get away with no type of chainguiding providing the chainline is in the middle

    You may need a chain device of some sort though. Whether it be a bashring and an N-gear jump stop or something else to stop the chain from falling off on the inside or a full on 4X/DH race type guide/roller device

    A front mech will guide it just fine too, but isn't the most tidy, but will work for you to try out


    I tried using nothing but kept dropping the chain on rocky descents.

    I had a spare Goldtech Manacle lying around so I put that on and now all is good. Other chain retention devices are available, I just used what was handy for me.


    I use the mrp 1×9 guide its great light,quiet and keeps chain even on realyy rocky bumpy descents the sort of descent thsts makes your eyes bounce around and it is a good training tool for spinning the legs but i miss the big ring for climbing over logs though

    I use a blackguard and a bash. Chain was skipping very slightly on the really rough stuff so I got a stinger as well.

    Set up works really well.


    i've got a paul chain keeper on my cx bike. been flawless so far. bought through that website and service was also flawless.


    I used to, a chainguide was essential. A DMR did me IRRC, which worked because it was a DMR Switchback bike.


    My XC bike (hardtail) and DH bike run on a 1×9 setup (technically the DH runs a 1×4, I really should get a new cassette). Both have chain guides and I've never have any bother with the chain coming off on the hardtail – the DH is another story though.

    If you ride smooth, feature-free trails you may get away with no chain guide, but otherwise I get one fitted.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    1×9 held in place with an e-13 srs lg thingy very good and if you need it you can fit the boomerang bash gaurd


    1×9 with no device 🙂
    FSA 36T unramped ring, Ultegra 9 speed cassette and short cage mech – no rocks down here but plenty of roots, haven't had any problems….

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