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  • Premier Icon lowey

    I have had for years an old Camelback Mule… This one..

    When the 3l bladder was full, it struggled to hold much more than a waterproof and butties. So after replacing it with something that can comfortably handle a full bladder, butties, fleece and waterproof.

    Merlin seem to have some good deals on the 2011 Camelbacks, and was wondering about the new mule… anyone got any experience of how much they actually hold ?

    This one…

    Alternatively what would you guys recommend ?

    Thanks all!


    I use a Vaude Splash Air 20+5. It’s got loads of room in it, has an expandable bit, waterproof cover. The best bit for me is the curved back pad that stops your back getting too sweaty.
    It doesn’t have loads of clever pockets and stuff, but there is enough for most things.

    The Osprey bags look really good too.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    I’ve got that one Dave…

    It’s ok, but not great.. I know I’m a Largerthanyouraverageâ„¢ rider, but I dunno, just not really loving it.
    I think you’d struggle to get a waterproof & fleece in it.
    It’s weird, has the same capacity as my Osprey Talon, but I struggle to get the same kit in it?
    Gotta be said, I much prefer my Osprey Talon.


    got a camelback octane 24.

    materials dead flimsy (but strong) but it holds lots of stuff & got good pockets. particularly like the soft lined shades pocket. waist pockets are great too.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Linking fail.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Osprey Talon for me. Replaced a mule when I had the same issues with a full bladder. Good layout and really comfortable.

    My Evoc CC 16l fits great, due to it being long and a bit thinner than other. I don’t even notice it and it holds everything I need, including my full face when I need to take it.


    +1 for Osprey, excellent bladder that doesn’t barrel. I’ve got the 18l raptor and have been very impressed – tons of space if you need it but the compression straps mean it can pack down to the size of a 10l pack.


    I heard on here that ergons are going cheap somewhere.

    Very happy with mine but it is overkill for small loads.

    +1 for a Deuter. I had a Mule, but got frustrated by the fact that once my camera (with a small prime lens attached) was in there, I could barely get anything else in it. The Deuter is comparitively massive – swallows tools, jacket, lunch and whatever else I might need. It has a helmet net which stows away when not needed, and the waterproof cover doubles up as a seat when the ground’s wet.

    Mine’s getting on for two years old now (at least) and still going strong. It’s also very, very comfortable.

    Premier Icon lowey

    That ergon does look nice and cheap too, but its states the capacity as only 9l. Would have though that would be a bit too small.

    Anyone got any experience with the Dakine stuff ?

    +1 for the Osprey Talon. I’ve got the 22 which I use for big days out and walking. Well made, clever design features and a mesh thing that holds the pack away from your back to reduce sweat. It’s a bit big for most days out, but excellent compression system makes that a non issue


    Having recently looked at a dakine nomad, thats next on my shopping list…

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