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  • Spudster 1

    I'm flying to NZ in a couple of weeks and taking my bike with me as baggage on the plane. Does anyone know of an insurance policy that covers bikes whilst in flight i.e. if the bag is lost or damaged? I can find policies that cover up to £2000 for all of the baggage but the bike is worth about £5000 alone so as you can imagine I'm quite nervous! Has anyone else flown with expensive bikes and got any advice?


    It's quite a problem given that most travel policies have no more than £300 or so as a single item limit
    Although I'm sure you could insure it separately, I don't know any companies that market it

    Out of home cover on your household policy may be the best bet


    Make sure you've scrubbed the bike clean before NZ.

    Spudster 1

    ChunkyMTB – very true, I've spent over an hour in NZ passport control whilst they scrubbed the smallest blob of mud of some walking boots…resulting in missing a connecting flight to Christchurch.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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