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  • Absolutely essential……….
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    amenities needed to make a weekend away riding good.
    What sort of accommodation/cake shop/pub/LBS makes for a good venue? Tell us your fave, and why.

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    Torrent Walk nr CyB, decent weather & good mates.

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    Accommodation: Basic as you like – bunkhouse with a shower, an oven and a fridge is fine (especially at this time of year). So knackered after the day’s riding that after a couple of shandies I’m out like a light anyway.

    Pub(s): Anywhere friendly to outsiders – been in some pretty hostile little shacks in Wales 😯 with decent beer on tap. Mebees a pool table

    LBS: Anywhere friendly, ran by someone with local knowledge, a decent mechanic and plentiful supply of basic spares, bits and bobs etc

    Cake shop: Anywhere that sells nice cakes 😮

    As for my fave, I don’t think I’ve found a combination of the above in the same area

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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