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  • 5 reasons the Trek Fuel EXe is most important bike of the decade
  • johnnystorm
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    Yeah, very much so.

    To quote the great man:

    A racing car has only ONE objective: to WIN motor races. If it does not do this it is nothing but a waste of time, money, and effort.

    This may sound obvious but remember it does not matter how clever it is, or how inexpensive, or how easy to maintain, or even how safe, if it does not consistantly win it is NOTHING!

    Having established this what do we have to do to make it win:

    (i) Simply stated it must firstly be capable of lapping a racing circuit quicker than any other car, with the least possible skill from the driver, and doing it long enough to finish the race.

    (ii) After this, and only after this, and with absolutely no compromising of objective (2)(i) one has to consider how expensive it is, how simple, how safe, & how easy to maintain, etc. NONE of these aspects must detract one iota from (2)(i). “Good enough” is just NOT good enough to win and keep winning.

    Apologies for the diversion… 😉

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    A comparison. Engineering mill. X,Y,Z axis, can be CNC controlled. Thousands of precision produced parts that take considerably longer to produce and to put together and with greater accuracy than a poxy bike frame. An engineering machine weighing 1000kg plus, designed for industrial use spanning decades, priced the same as a specialized s-works carbon ebike frame.

    On what planet can you buy a new 3 axis machine centre for £6.5k? Does that include all the tooling you’ll need?

    Cyprus is awesome thanks, nice and cool compared to the UK… 😂

    Glad hear you had fun at FoD, next time you’re coming over give me a shout.

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    Cyprus is awesome thanks, nice and cool compared to the UK… 😂

    Did you get up to Troodos ? Always seem to be nice and cool compared to the lowlands.

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    I’m up there now, did Caledonian Falls early this morning and Kakopetria afterwards. Just finishing off a picnic before driving down to the beach.

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    I spent a couple of weekends on the Singletrack review bike… it is remarkably quiet and rather brilliant but there buts. Wait for Benji to publish his more thorough and informed thoughts.

    The colour… that really should be called Dijon Custard.

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    When’s the review out?

    I really like the look of the Trek EXE, the motor technology seems very clever and it just looks like a nice mountain bike.

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