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  • 100% Tarka Vest review
  • singletrackross
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    100% Tarka vest is based around a mesh, stretchy, body material to offer high levels of ventilation, mobility, anti-microbial and wicking.

    By singletrackross

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    100% Tarka Vest review

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    So the vest makes you a little otter…….

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    I have the Fox Baseframe Pro short sleeve, and like it for similar reasons.

    This seems better in that the body is longer and it has lower back protection.

    The key thing to look out for with these types is that the chest and rib protectors are also made from high tech impact hardening material and are removable.

    Many versions have fixed basic EVA foam pads there, while reserving the fancy stuff for the back. This has 3 disadvantages:

    1. You don’t get much protection (plain Eva needs to be really thick to work)
    2. You get less versatility  because you can’t remove them
    3. you can’t wash and dry it quickly by removing the pads.
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