The 2022 Mondraker Crafty Carbon’s MIND monitors sag, airtime and more, plus more 2022 updates

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Mondraker updates its eMTB range with the latest Bosch Smart System and gives Crafty Carbon models a MIND of their own!

Have you been on the Mondraker website recently? Well if you care about eBikes and you’re wondering the direction our sport is headed in then I suggest you take a gander. Move your cursor over the ‘Bikes’ heading in the Mondraker menu then take a look at the models listed. Do you see all those bikes with a lightning bolt next to them? They’re all ebikes! and by my guesstimation, over 50% of the Mondraker range now comes with a motor and battery as standard!

It’s hardly surprising to see such a massive range of ebikes, but I think that the bike:ebike ratio in the Mondraker range is unlike what we’re currently seeing from other bike makers (with the exception of Haibike obviously). With such dedication to ebikes in general, it’s hardly surprising that Mondraker’s latest range announcement focuses solely on assisted 2 wheelers.

The jam-packed Mondraker press release is full of details of updated bikes and if you wanted to take in all those specs I’d suggest heading to the Mondraker site and browse at your leisure, but for us, the 2 newsworthy details are the following.

Crafty Carbon eBikes come with MIND

We’ll forgive you for not instantly knowing what MIND is as we’ve only seen one press release about it ourselves and had largely forgotten about it until last week, but we’re glad Mondraker has reminded us about it.

MIND is basically a suspension tuning and telemetry system built into each Crafty Carbon eBike. The system uses sensors in the main suspension pivot on the rear and a sensor mounted to the suspension fork to track travel usage in real-time and transmit that data to a smartphone. Before you even ride the new Mondraker Crafty Carbon though, MIND is a very useful addition to any rider wanting the perfect suspension set up.

Using the MyMondraker App, MIND is able to measure sag on your bike to help riders set their suspension up accurately. Sag is important in maintaining traction while riding and allows the wheels to drop into compressions, drops, holes as and maintain contact with the trail. Without correct sag you’re not going to enjoy the levels of traction modern bikes, tyres and suspension systems are all capable of.

Mondraker mind

In addition, the app will give you rebound and compression recommendations based on your air pressure and style of riding. The app will track your ride, and can offer interesting stats such as distance travelled… in the AIR!! It’s a pretty cool sounding system and we’re excited to give MIND a test of our own when we get the opportunity.

New Bosch motors and systems

2022 Mondraker

The 2nd piece of big news is that all Level, Crafty Carbon, Crafty, Chaser and Prime Mondraker ebike models (I told you there are a lot!) will boast the new and updated Bosch Smart System. Bosch has updated its system with a new bar control unit, larger 750Wh battery packs and an all-new Kiox 300 display.

What’s really impressive is that Mondraker is speccing the new 750Wh battery to all new Bosch bikes, meaning you won’t have to settle for smaller battery packs and shorter-range on entry-level models anymore. On top of this both 2022 carbon and alloy Mondraker ebike frames have been updated to save weight allowing the addition of the larger battery without the expense of huge increases in weight.

Fans of connectivity and the ability to connect their phones to their bikes will also love the fact that Bosch equipped bikes are compatible with the new Bosch App.

2022 Mondraker ebike range pricing

Trail eMTB

PRIME 29Black-Racing Silver £ 3,499.00 

Marlin Blue-Black
 £ 3,499.00 
PRIME +Black-Racing Silver
 £ 3,499.00 

Marlin Blue-Black
 £ 3,499.00 
PRIME R 29Cherry Red-Black
 £ 3,799.00 
PRIME XGraphite-Desert Grey
 £ 3,699.00 
Black-Frost Green
 £ 3,699.00 
PRIME RX 29Black-Marlin Blue
 £ 3,999.00 

Enduro eMTB

CHASER 29Graphite-Black
Cherry Red-Black
CHASER R 29Marlin Blue-Black
 £ 5,199.00 
DUSK RCherry Red-Black
 £ 5,499.00 
DUSK RRDirty White-Deep Purple-Flame Red
 £ 5,999.00 
CRAFTY R 29Black-Graphite £ 5,799.00 
Black-Cherry Red
 £ 5,799.00 
CRAFTY RR 29Marlin Blue-Racing Silver
 £ 6,499.00 
CRAFTY XR 29Flame Red-Deep Purple £ 6,999.00 
CRAFTY CARBON R 29 Inc MINDCarbon-Racing Silver
 £ 7,399.00 
CRAFTY CARBON RR 29 Inc MINDCarbon-Cherry Red
 £ 8,499.00 
CRAFTY CARBON XR 29 Inc MINDBritish Racing Green-Carbon-Öhlins Yellow £ 8,999.00 
CRAFTY CARBON RR SL 29 Inc MINDCarbon-Marlin Blue
 £ 11,499.00 

Super Enduro eMTB

LEVEL R 29Black-Dirty White £ 5,999.00 
LEVEL RR 29Racing Silver-Öhlins Yellow £ 7,499.00 

Frame Kit

We have already contacted Mondraker and the Crafty Carbon frame kit does not include MIND but does come with the necessary eMTB parts to build up a rather nice carbon EEB!

CRAFTY CARBON RR SL 29 Carbon-Marlin Blue £ 5,199.00 

For infomation on specific 2022 Mondraker eBike models head over to the Mondraker website.

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