(Please Don’t Break the Internet) GT Launches New eBMX Range

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Electric cargo bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric hand cycles, electric road bikes… but we didn’t see this coming: the electric BMX. GT has revealed its new ‘Life+Style’ range of e-assisted BMX bikes, plus BMX bikes with mudguards and gears… is this even BMX?

The Life+Style range aims to appeal to those who want to ride to work, or around the town, and leave the car at home – but who want to keep the BMX vibe alive.

We set out on a mission to blend BMX style and durability with urban usability to develop a range of bikes that are perfect for anyone wanting a solid ride for cruising, commuting, sending or socializing… and to look good while doing it!

From a commuter looking to add some spice to their daily, a BMXer chasing speed and wanting extra gears to grab, or someone thinking about leaving public transportation or their car behind, the 2021 Life+Style lineup is approachable for newbies, yet, sophisticated enough for seasoned riders.

GT Bikes

The GT Street Performer takes the classic GT Performer BMX and ads bigger wheels, gears, mudguard, rack mounts and kickstand to give an around town bike with BMX-ish aesthetic. GT says ‘It may have BMX looks, but never judge a bike by its cover. With big go-anywhere wheels, floating frame stander seat stays to absorb bumps and a drivetrain with 9 levels of speed, this bike is ready to send you down the road. Whether it’s coastin’ or roastin’, the Street Performer turns every commute into a session.’

Stick you skateboard on your rack, cruise on down to Morrison’s car park, flip some tricks, then load up your panniers with bread, milk, avocados and nappies before rolling along to the home to reality?

But wait, that sounds too hard. There’s a big hill between home and Morrisons and the 1×9 gearing just isn’t enough. You’ll be needing the GT Power Performer.

GT Power Performer

This takes the GT Street Performer and adds a Bafang motor system into the mix. American models come with a throttle – Euro and UK Power BMXers will have to do with just the pedal assist modes via the 418WH battery. There’s even a USB charging port – handy for when your phone dies just as you’ve nailed that kick flip, or when nursery calls to tell you your kid has hand, foot and mouth again.

OK, OK, we admit: all bikes are fun, and these are probably great for giggling around on. Kickstand, mudguards, gears, motor, pannier rack…we’re not sure if we’d call them a BMX, but we’d ride them. Would you?

We’ve only got US pricing – the Street Performer is $1120, and the Power Performer is $2225. Head to GT Bicycles for more info.

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