10 of the lightest eMTB’s on sale today!

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The development of ebikes has been fast and very impressive. Gone are the old clunkers leaving a new breed of eMTB that look just as svelte as their non-powered cousins. But this new breed of eMTB doesn’t just look great, they’re also pretty lightweight too!

Lightweight eMTB’s are still a bit of a niche, but brands are getting more and more behind the idea and we’re seeing plenty of options launched. Below I’ve put together a list of the lightest eMTB’s on the market, bikes that are actually on sale today, though many are probably difficult to find in the UK.

Trek E-Calibre

  • Lightest Build: 15.5kg
  • Category: XC
  • Motor: Fazua
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Price: From £8500
  • From: Trek
trek e-calibre lightest emtb

Trek’s E-Calibre is the first lightweight eMTB from the bike giant, and like many on this list, they have chosen a Fazua motor system to provide assistance. The full carbon frame of the E-Calibre has been designed to save weight and includes a pivot-less suspension system and proprietary shock just like the non-powered Calibre XC race bike. While the E-Calibre does share an overall aesthetic with the Calibre, Trek has tweaked the geometry with a slightly slacker head angle, longer reach and even given the E-XC bike a longer 120mm travel fork. Trek offers the E-Calibre with an optional downtube cover meaning riders can choose to remove the entire Fazua system and ride the bike like a traditional XC bike.

Lapierre e-Zesty

  • Lightest Build: 19.5kg
  • Category: Trail/Enduro
  • Motor: Fazua
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Price: From £5399
  • From: Lapierre

The Lapierre e-Zesty was one of the first eMTB’s to seriously drop some weight and open the world up to the idea of lightweight eMTBs. The e-Zesty is a little on the heavier side compared to the new breed of bikes, but thanks to the Fazua system it can be ridden as an eeb or a regular pedal bike by removing the motor and battery, doing so shaves nearly 5Kg off the overall weight too. While light, the e-Zesty is also built to pack a punch with a Fox 36 fork, 4 piston brakes and 150mm of travel front and rear.

Nox Helium

  • Lightest Build: 19.18kg
  • Category: Trail / Enduro
  • Motor: Fazua
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Price: €7999
  • From: Nox

The Nox Helium is proof that a lightweight eMTB doesn’t mean it has to be built for XC or trail! With up to 180mm of travel, options for a coil shock and the ability to switch between 27.5in and 29in wheels, the Helium is an impressive package. Of course, adding a coil shock and big forks does take the weight up, but the lightweight build still packs enduro ready specs and the added punch of the Fazua motor system. Nox offers just two sizes of the carbon frame Helium with reach figures starting at 445mm and topping out at 469mm, but if you fit on either and are looking for a big travel eMTB with a low-weight this looks like a solid choice.

BH iLynx

  • Lightest Build: Below 17kg
  • Category: Trail
  • Battery: 540Wh
  • Motor: BH 2ESMAG
  • Price: From €5999
  • From: BH

Spanish brand BH has taken the idea of a lightweight eMTB to the next level with a self-developed drive system that neatly integrates into the slim carbon frame. The BH 2ESMAG motor is a self-developed unit producing 65NM torque and weighing just 2.2kg. BH claims the system is friction-free and because it’s so compact the motor is used on both mountain bikes and road bikes. In this case, the lightweight motor is built into the iLynx, a carbon trail bike available with either 100 or 120mm of travel. The lightweight eMTB packs an internal 540Wh battery and there’s room for a 180Wh range extender battery that easily slides into the bottle cage. A very smart looking trail/XC eMTB if you’re after something a little different.

Specialized Levo SL

  • Lightest Build: 16.95kg
  • Category: Trail
  • Motor: Brose Turbo SL 1.1
  • Battery: 320Wh
  • Price: From £5500
  • From: Specialized

Not the first lightweight eMTB, but the first to bring the idea to a larger audience. The Levo SL can be built up at under 17kg and uses a motor so lightweight it’s also used in Specialized road eBikes. Whereas the Fazua packs 55Nm of torque and the BH 65Nm, the Turbo SL 1.1 gives riders only 35Nm of torque to play with which is significantly less meaning riders need to earn their climbs a little more. Specialized offers the SL in either alloy or carbon frames, but to really benefit from a low-weight you’ll want to focus on the costlier carbon bike. For 2021 the Levo SL shares the same frame as the launch bikes, but now get a burlier 150mm Fox 36 option too.

Rotwild R.X375

  • Lightest Build: 18.2kg
  • Category: Trail/Enduro
  • Motor: Shiman0 EP8
  • Battery: 375Wh
  • Price: From €6999
  • From: Rotwild

At 18.2kg the Rotwild R.X375 sits at the heavier end of the spectrum but it is a true trail/enduro bike with bikes offered in either 150mm or 170mm of travel. The Rotwild also uses an off the shelf Shimano EP8 motor system with up to 85Nm. This can be tuned from the Shimano E Tube application to either give you ultimate power or extended range. Rotwild ships the R.X375 with a removable 375Mah battery and will sell you a second for €749 if you want to double your range. Compared to many of the other lightweight eMTB’s listed the Rotwild also appears the most aggressive with a modern long reach.

Orbea Rise

  • Lightest Build: 16.5kg
  • Category: Trail
  • Motor: Shimano EP8 RS
  • Battery: 360Wh
  • Price: From £5599
  • From: Orbea

Orbea has also chosen to use an off the shelf Shimano EP8 motor for it’s Rise eMTB, but they’ve had a tinker with the software to limit it to just 65Nm. Out of the box the EP8 allows riders to limit the torque, along with many other tunning options, but the Orbea software means that riders won’t be able to make use of the EP8’s full 85Nm. Inside the slim carbon frame is a 360Wh battery, but those wanting more time in the saddle can plug in a 252Wh range extender. The Rise sit’s firmly in the trail segment with 150mm of front wheel travel and 140mm rear.

Kinesis Rise

  • Lightest Build: 19.5kg
  • Category: Trail hardtail
  • Motor: Fazua
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Price: From £3600
  • From: Kinesis UK
Kinesis Rise E-Trail hardtail

The Kinesis Rise is a combination of a classic hardcore hardtail with eMTB technology. The Rise wasn’t developed from an existing hardtail platform but built from the ground up with a long, low geometry and integrated Fazua drive system. Kinesis offers the Rise in 4 sizes and uses their own L1 – L4 sizing system to help riders pick that right bike for them. Thanks to the low standover, short seat tube and increased reach, riders can choose the number that suits their height and their style of riding.

Focus Raven2

  • Lightest Build: 16.79kg
  • Category: XC hardtail
  • Motor: Fazua
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Price: From £3699
  • From: Focus

On the surface, the Raven2 and the Kinesis Rise are quite similar. They’re both hardtails, both have 29in wheels and both use the same Fazua motor and battery system, but whereas the Rise is aimed at hardcore trail riders, the Raven2 is designed for a lower-weight and mile-munching. Built around a carbon frame, the Raven2 is your typical XC race bike with no dropper, racy geo and just 100mm of travel. The Raven2 can also be ridden with or without the motor system meaning it’s 2 bikes in 1 just like the rest of the Fazua machines listed.

Bulls Wild Flow

  • Lightest Build: 18.82kg
  • Category: Trail
  • Motor: Fazua
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Price: €5999
  • From: Bulls

Not a brand we see much of here in the UK, but a company that always makes a splash at Eurobike. Bulls make a huge selection of eMTB’s ranging from dual battery off-road adventure bikes to this, the lightweight Wild Flow. A carbon frame, Fazua motor and Fox 34 keep the weight down on the Wild Flow which packs 120mm of travel at both ends. The geometry is a little on the conservative side with shortish reach figures but tall seat-tube lengths so make sure you double-check you’ll be comfortable on one if you’re considering picking one up.

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