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10 of the best e-Bikes Tested in 2019

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E-Bikes are here to stay and if 2019 is anything to go by then we’re going to see even more electric mountain bikes launched in the coming 12 months than anything else.
With the boom in e-Bike development and the considerable increase in electric mountain bike sales over the past few years, it’s hardly surprising that many of the launches we attended this year were of the self-shuttle variety.
Now with many 1000’s of KM under our belts and on numerous types of e-Bikes, here are our top 10 best e-Bikes of 2019.
In no particular order;

Mondraker Crafty Carbon RR SL

mondraker crafty carbon rr sl review
The world’s lightest Bosch e-MTB.

What we said;

I love what Mondraker has done with the Crafty Carbon range of bikes, and I applaud them for building the lightest Bosch bike on the market. When in attack mode, the Crafty Carbon RR SL could easily be one of the fastest e-Bikes on the market, but it comes at a cost.

Read the Mondraker Crafty Carbon review here.

YT Decoy

yt decoy review
You always feel in control on the Decoy.

What we said;

The impressive frame design is one of the few that even people not interested in bikes gravitate towards and ask questions about. The Decoy might have launched earlier in the year, but it still looks as cleverly designed and well thought out as the day I first set eyes on it.
People have asked me if I would buy a YT Decoy with my own money, and I think I probably would. It delivers fast fun, dispatches climbs with ease and is as capable as a DH bike at bike parks.

Read our full YT Decoy review here.

Orbea Wild FS

best ebikes
One of the best climbing e-MTB’s launched this year.

What we said;
Read the full Orbea Wild FS review here.

2020 Specialized Kenevo

Wil gets sideways on the Kenevo.

What we said;

The new Brose 2.1 drive system is quieter and smoother than its predecessor, and with all the tuning options in the Mission Control app, there’s a load of scope for getting it setup to your preferences and terrain.
Combined with the updated build package, the Kenevo is more capable and shred-worthy than ever. All-day singletrack hunters will still likely veer towards the already-very-capable Levo. But for bike park enthusiasts and old-school downhillers who are finding it harder and harder to rope in shuttle buddies, the Kenevo is your self-shuttling ticket to plough-town.

Read the full 2020 Specialized Kenevo review here.

Orange Charger

orange charger emtb review
Charger by name charger by nature!

What we said;

The Orange Charger is the type of e-MTB for riders who enjoy their bikes to be agile and engaging. The 150mm of single pivot suspension retains that lively Orange feel of non-ebikes while the powerful Shimano STEPS motor enables you to take that extra climb so you can enjoy the ride back down again. Of all the e-Bikes I’ve tested this year, the Orange Charger is by far the most playful and fun to ride so far.

Read the full Orange Charger review here.

Cube Stereo 140 Hybrid

Hannah loved this e-Powered Cube.

What we said;

The 140 is aimed at those wanting to do more ‘normal’ mountain biking with the benefit of e-assist. On the basis of my few hours out on it, I’d say it’s more than capable of handling anything the UK has to throw at it – perhaps especially with this 150mm fork. At this price, and with local bike shop aftercare, I expect this will be a big hit in 2020.

Read the full Cube Stereo 140 Hybrid review here.

Patrol E-Six

2020 patrol e-six
The E-Six will be a rare sight in the UK.

What we said;

Big volume 2.6in tyres, 29in wheels and good support from the rear shock also meant the E-Six is a good climber off-road too. Heading the other way down the mountain was a treat too. The 150mm of travel is progressive enough to help when heaving the E-Six into the air, and hitting the manmade jumps and berms I felt very confident on the E-Six.

Read our first impressions of the Patrol E-Six here.

2020 Commencal Meta Power 29

commencal meta am power first ride
The face says it all.

What we said;

The Commencal Meta Power Team 29 embodies a huge number of major changes while still retaining that familiar Meta look. The new bike has changed in every aspect from the move to an internal battery which improves handling, looks and adds versatility, to the updated geometry and moves to a more linear suspension platform. It’s a lot to take in, but they’re all significant improvements which have turned an already capable e-MTB to an even better one.

Read the full 2020 Commencal Meta Power 29 review here.

2020 Focus Jam

What we said;
Check out the Focus website for the full range including the entry level Shimano 378wh options at £3689 right up to the carbon range 9.9 Shimano Jam at £8889
Learn more about the Jam’s here.

Thok Mig R

thok mig r first look
A low-slung battery really helps the Thok in the handling dept!

What we said;

This is one of those bikes that might not look impressive when you look at the geometry numbers but feels incredible to ride. With a supportive yet supple rear suspension system, good quality parts and an ultra-low centre of gravity the Mig R handles the trail well, and manoeuvres as well as as the Mig fighter plane that it’s named after.

Read the full Thok Mig R review here.
And a list of 2019’s best e-Bikes can’t be complete without mention of the Forestal prototype!


Production bikes are expected to be carbon fibre.

Andi is lucky enough to have been the only journalist to visit the Forestal offices in both Barcelona and Andorra, but not only that! He’s also one of only a few people to ride the top-secret Forestal e-Bike prototype.
He still can’t divulge much, but to learn more about Forestal and their plans for taking on the bike industry read Andi’s story about this start-up here.

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