Cairn E-Adventure Bike – A new concept with a strong pedigree

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From Impact Sun Valley in Idaho, Hannah brings us a look at the prototype Cairn E-Adventure bike, hitting the trails near you soon.

It might seem odd to go all the way to the USA to chat to some folks from England, but that’s often the way of the bike world. We’re all busy rushing around and doing our thing, and it’s trade shows and events like Outerbike and Impact Sun Valley that give us the chance to actually stop and chat about what’s new and exciting. And I think this bike is pretty damned exciting – and it’s so new that the one on display was still a prototype.

Cairn E-Adventure
Cairn E-Adventure prototype
In case there was any doubt.

Why am I so excited about this? Basically, there’s all the ingredients there for what I think is good about bikes. It’s for adventure, it’s for taking the long way round to work, it’s for doing the shopping, it’s for leaving the car behind, or just choosing the car less often.

With the Fazua e-assist system, it’s an e-bike, or it’s not. You can forget to charge it and still ride to work. You can ride to work every day without being worn out. You can ride to work every day and rip your legs off. It’s a do a load of everything bike, and that gets me excited.

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Hannah’s travel and accommodation was provided by CrankTank/Impact Sun Valley.

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