crank brothers stamp 3 review

Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Pedal Review

If you don\'t mind the slight weight increase over the more expensive models, the Crank Stamp 3 are reliable pedals with long warranty and decent grip.

flat pedal group test

17 Flat Pedals Tested & Reviewed

Looking for some fresh flat pedals? Check out our ultimate buyers guide with no less than 17 flat pedals tested and reviewed

dmr vault flat pedals

Best Grip Winner: DMR Vault Flat Pedal Review

DMR Vaults are popular flat pedals for a very good reason. David explains why in his detailed review from Issue 113 of Singletrack Magazine

Best Engineered Winner: Hope F20 Flat Pedal Review

Made right here in the UK, are the Hope F20 flat pedals some of the best going? David tests and reviews some purple F20s to find out

Best Overall: NS Radiance Flat Pedal Review

Radiance by name, radiant by nature. These uber-bright flat pedals from NS Bikes performed exceptionally well in our 17-pedal group test

Best Budget Winner: DMR V8 Flat Pedal Review

The DMR V8 flat pedals may be the cheaper alternative to the popular Vaults, but these are an excellent set of flatties for those on a budget

Review: Burgtec Penthouse MK4 Flat Pedals

After 18 months of thrashing, what does James have to say about the MK4 edition of the Burgtec Penthouse flat pedals? Read on.

shimano saint flat peadl

Review: Shimano Saint PD-MX80 Flat Pedals

To complete our flat pedal grouptest, Ross writes about Shimano Saints. This is about as long term as long-term reviews get!

superstar components

Review: Superstar Nano-X Flat Pedals

Superstar\'s wallet friendly, perennial budget flats ship with two lengths of pin for riders to tune grip. David Hayward put them through a few months of Pennine gritstone

Review: Funn Black Magic Flat Pedals

Funn\'s plastic budget pedals went through several months of Yorkshire filth in the hands of a few testers. David Hayward sees how they stack up

Review: 45NRTH Heiruspecs Flat Pedals

These pedals are fat bike specific, and, lacking snow for now, we just put them through a load of mud instead to see how they perform

Review: Nukeproof Horizon Pro Flat Pedals

Designed in conjunction with Sam Hill, are the Horizons the best flat pedals going? David investigates in his review

Review: Wellgo B144 Flat Pedals

At a lick under 50 quid, the B144 flat pedals from Wellgo boast great features for the money. Also available in colours other than pink

Review: Gamut Podium Flat Pedals

The Gamut Podiums were the lightest of the lot in our flat pedal group test. But how tough and grippy are they? Read on for the review

Review: Race Face Chester Flat Pedals

Are plastic pedals better than alloy? David tests the Chester flatties from Race Face to find out

Review: Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Flat Pedals

The Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals are the largest platform flat pedals on the market, and they\'re meant to change your riding style

Review: Spank Spoon Flat Pedals

With 3 sizes to choose from and loads of grip, the Spank Spoon pedals are some of the best flats we reviewed in our flat pedal group test

Review: Crank Brothers Stamp Flat Pedals

The Crank Brothers Stamp pedals come with a 5-year warranty. So just how tough are they? We test and review both sizes

Review: Sixpack Skywalker Flat Pedals

At less than 400g for the pair, the Skywalker flat pedals from German brand Sixpack Racing are impressively well made

Review: Speedplay Brass Knuckles Flat Pedals

As part of our flat pedal group test in Issue #113 of Singletrack Magazine, we review the exotic Brass Knuckle pedals from Speedplay

Review: MagLOCK Pedals

Are flats or SPDs better for mountain biking? With steel cleats and rare earth magnets, MagLOCK promise the best of both worlds.

Review: HT AE05 Alloy Pedals

Endurance rider Rachel Sokal tests out these flat pedals in her quest to go enduro

Review: Nukeproof Horizon Pedals – Sam Hill Series

Quality flat pedals from Nukeproof, approved by Sam Hill himself.

Review: Gamut USA Podium Flat Pedals

Jamie investigates Gamut\'s reinvigorated Podium pedal

Syntace NumberNine Titan pedals.

These are some of the most expensive flat pedals we\'ve ever come across. Are they worth it?

Crank Brothers Mallet DH Race Pedal

The perfect clip-in pedal for the flat pedal rider?

Hope F20 flat pedals

Bling flat pedals, made in and for the UK - how do they fare?

Specialized Boomslang Pedals

Boomslang – top drawer? Or venomous snake?

Mavic Crossmax SL TI Pedal

The knee-loving pedal has improved

Online Grouptest: Flat Pedals

A selection of flat pedals tested, just in time for the season of slip sliding in the filth...