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Another massive influence on my life has left us. I’ve just found out that Greg Fuquay passed away this weekend.

Greg was a bike frame builder, based near Ipswich, when I first met him in 1991. His US Airforce career had given him some razor sharp welding skills and he put that, and his love of cycling (plus an apprenticeship under Ben Serotta) together to make bike frames under his own name. 

In those nascent days of British mountain biking, Fuquay Cycles were the first custom bikes to feature TIG welding in a time when everything else was fillet-brazed. Greg’s bikes quickly gained a following for their light weight and sharp handling. Greg, too, was a popular character. He loved a chat and was often seen at mountain bike races in Thetford Forest, then one of the hubs of English mountain biking. 

I liked Greg and his bikes so much that, in 1993, I suggested that we go into partnership together. He would build frames and I would answer the phone, handle the post, the marketing and everything else as, given the amount of time he spent on the phone every day, I figured that he could easily double his production. I duly gave notice at my job at a bike bits importer and started planning on my new career move. 

Greg, meanwhile, had done the sums and reluctantly reckoned that the sums wouldn’t add up. He couldn’t just double the size of his business, so he invited me up to a bike event in Thetford to talk it over. It was there that I bumped into John Stevenson, the Deputy Editor of MBUK who told me that there was a new vacancy in the office of MTB Pro magazine and suggested that I apply for the job, given that I was going to need one. That meeting literally changed my life and wouldn’t have happened without Greg Fuquay. 

Greg built a lovely bike for me in 1994, which I still have, and he then built a singlespeed mountain bike the following year – something else that he was also pretty pioneering in. He continued building bikes thoughout the nineties, but as the decade ended, the influence of newer materials, suspension and actually decent production bikes slowed the demand for custom bikes. Eventually, Greg, his wife Diana and his children left for his native Alabama in America and that was it for his framebuilding.

We kept in touch, though, messaging often, and he was asking me bike buying advice only a year or so ago. More recently, though, and unknown to me, Greg developed cancer and it caught up with him this year.

Farewell Greg. You’ll never appreciate the influence you had on the early British mountain bike world, and on a young would-be mountain bike journalist.


The photo is by Geoff Waugh, who shot this lovely portrait in the low winter sun on a visit to Greg’s (unheated) Suffolk workshop. 

Chipps Chippendale

Singletrackworld's Editor At Large

With 23 years as Editor of Singletrack World Magazine, Chipps is the longest-running mountain bike magazine editor in the world. He started in the bike trade in 1990 and became a full time mountain bike journalist at the start of 1994. Over the last 30 years as a bike writer and photographer, he has seen mountain bike culture flourish, strengthen and diversify and bike technology go from rigid steel frames to fully suspended carbon fibre (and sometimes back to rigid steel as well.)

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  • Obituary: Greg Fuquay by Chipps
  • sillyoldman
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    Very sorry to hear.

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    This is very sad to hear – no doubt influenced by your bike @chipps, I enquired about ordering a singlespeed Fuquay frame in 1999 but I think he’d already ceased trading by then.

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    Nice tribute, Chipps. I remember the bikes well from the early mags. RIP

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    So sorry to hear, my condolences to his family and friends. It was Greg’s build for you Chipps that had me ordering my own frame and fork, an incredibly light frame and rigid fork, which I then sold on years later, one of those wish I hadn’t moments. RIP Greg

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    They were very cool bikes.


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    Loved Fuquay bikes, 11-year-old me always thought they had a kind of surf vibe that was a bit cooler than Chas Roberts/Dave Yates. No idea why. Probably because I got “Fuquay” confused with “Torquay”.

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    Ah nuts, that’s sad to hear.

    I tried to order a Fuquay frame around 1997 but think he’d not long stopped making. I bought a Roberts instead, which was terrible and I’d always harboured a hopeful desire of a semi-retired Fuquay knocking up a frame in his back yard for those who knew…

    Also, f*** cancer.


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    They were really nice frames, too pricey for me at the time unfortunately.
    Where (roughly, if it’s a secret) in Suffolk Chipps? Did he stay on after his stint in the airforce locally to one of the (then) many airbases?

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    @watty His workshop was in Copdock. He did used to be on one of the local airbases.

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    I used to lust after the beautiful Fuquay frames when I did a bit of racing in Thetford forest back in the 90’s. The single tube from the seat tube mated to the capped seat stays were revolutionary and combined with the skinny steel frame tubes were a thing of beauty.
    R.I. P Greg.

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    My mate still has his Fuquay. Tange Ultimate Ultrastrong tube set from memory. Always said the forks were brutal!

    This it’s current colour way after if had the cracked seat tube replaced


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    I always remember that red one that was featured in MTBPro as a standout

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    Sad news. I always loved the idea of a Fuquay bike in my early MTB years but could never afford one at the time.

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    A much admired builder of frames – I could never have afforded one, when they matched my style of riding.

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    Sad new indeed, I did wonder what he got up to when he stopped making frames. I’ll have take down my wall art and and get it rideable again.

    RIP Greg.


    Fuquay art


    Fuquay Ride

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