International Women’s Day is Every Day at SingletrackWorld

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It’s International Women’s Day again, and it’s my [Hannah] least favourite day of the year.

If you do nothing, everyone wonders where your IWD content is, and thinks you don’t care.

If you do something pointing out it’s all a bit crap and tokenistic, and look at the ongoing inequality, and wonder when things will actually change, people will say ‘well, that’s all a bit negative, why don’t you celebrate all the good stuff that’s happening instead?’.

If you do something that celebrates women… well, that’s no different to what we do all the time.

The latest issue of Singletrack World is packed full of articles by women and articles about women. But none of it is for women. It’s for everyone. It’s just what we do, every day, year in, year out.

To mark the occasion of International Women’s Day, staffers Hannah, Amanda and Zoe have picked some favourite articles each from over the years. We’ve dropped the paywall on them so you can have a peek at what we do. If you like it, join us, in print or digital, and help keep us celebrating women, and all who ride bikes, every day of the year.

Amanda’s pick

If I could choose to share the entire series of Purposeful Adventures I would, because they’re all wonderful in different ways. The series is about Pete Scullion and his friends heading out for a ride with a nature-based agenda. The search for a certain animal, plant or rock is the motivation for each ride, but there’s no sacrifice made on the mountain biking side of things, always with a fun route. It’s a great motivator to go out for a ride and take a proper look around you, appreciate the woodland, the coastlines, the critters and the company you keep.

I’ve chosen to share the Beavers story as it features (heavily pregnant) Rosie Holdsworth, whose infectious love of animals and caring for your environment is one I’ve experienced first hand.

Zoe’s pick

I really liked the Making Mountain Bikers article by Hannah, in issue 145. I like this article because it resonates with me and my ability or inability to mountain bike. It made me feel like it’s ok to be a total novice and not understand even the basics of riding a bike.

Hannah’s pick

This story has nothing to do with International Women’s Day, but riding with women often leads to in depth chats about all sorts of things away from bikes. This is a relatively old article – published, I think, before it became as acceptable to talk about mental health. I often say that bikes are just what bring us all around the campfire, but once we’re there all of life comes with us and gets talked about. This story combines adventure, sadness, hope and disappointment all in one epic bundle. I love stories that go beyond the bike, and this one has stuck with me.

On a completely different tone, here’s one that’s all about the fun of living the dream: #vanlife. Escape to the mountains… yes please!

While you’re here…

I’ve had so many women say to me ‘How did you see inside my life?’ – and not just mountain bikers – that I think it’s worth drawing attention to this article from the archive once again.

Author Profile Picture
Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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  • International Women’s Day is Every Day at SingletrackWorld
  • yeahtee
    Free Member

    Eager Beaver eh?? Inspired choice for IWD 😳😁

    Full Member

    Lovely to see those big smiles. 😃

    Full Member

    @yeahtee What a crass and inappropriate comment.

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    Van Girls is one of the funniest (and funnest) articles to ever have  been in the mag. It’s one of my favourites.

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    19/11/24 before any **** asks

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    my industry particularly needs more diversity, and I fully support it.

    but every other linkedin post this morning seems to be a result of the marketing dept rounding up all the women they could find in the office yesterday and posting an awkward group photo on the stairs in reception.

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    my industry particularly needs more diversity, and I fully support it.

    To celebrate IWD, I participated in a review meeting attended solely by men.

    We did have a lady taking the notes, but we swapped her for an external contractor in the afternoon.


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    Van Girls is one of the funniest (and funnest) articles to ever have been in the mag. It’s one of my favourites.

    Absolutely agree, that one was a thoroughly good read.

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    @yeahtee – did you mistake STW for Mumsnet? 😂

    FWIW our local social media is full of beaver jokes since they started releasing families of beaver in the area. I think I’ve likely heard every possible variation already.

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    My thoughts today (and other days) are with females working as Firefighters. They continue to suffer horrendous abuse, bullying and misogyny. I was working when our Brigade accepted our first female recruit, gradually things became better, more women joined and it was not considered unusual. This was aided by our union, the FBU, and a progressive county council, a process that was subject to a constant barrage of abuse from the press and right wing politicians. In my last ten years I witnessed the deterioration in the progress made over the previous 20 years, this was aided and abetted by a management for whom it was convenient as it pandered to the bullies and didn’t affect them in their Masonic lodges!
    So, on International Women’s Day, I appeal to all men who rely on the “macho” image of the job they do (whatever it is) for their own identity to instead get their inner strength from being fair and honest with themselves and others. To female and ethnic minority Firefighters – some of us tried, it cost us dearly, but we tried.

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    A someone who works in an organisation with a ratio of women:men of 27:7 we, like STW, just get on with it.

    However, as wheelsonfire points out so many do still face significant challenges. And for that and more IWD still has a place.

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    Lighten up for goodness sake

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    Just banta, yeah?

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    Happy International Womens day all. I got the crayons out….

    International Womens day

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    and happy irrational mixing of upper and lower case letter day to you @binners

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    @yeahtee When in a hole, stop digging mmk?

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    Great article, sadly some of the comments have left me questioning the self-awareness of the respondents.

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