What’s in Week 2 of the Megasack?

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Winner, winner, turkey dinner. Or a nut roast if you prefer. Hold off putting the sprouts on just yet. Fiddly little fart balls that they are to prep. Keep your fingers busy by getting your Megasack entries in every week day. And don’t forget to travel back in time and answer any daily questions you’ve missed so far – it all counts for the Megasack!

What is the Megasack?!

Every weekday in December in the run up to Christmas, we’ll be publishing a story and video about a product that you could win, either as a Daily Prize, or as part of the Megasack. The Megasack contains one of everything we have given away as a Daily prize – that’s 16 prizes with a total value of over £4000!

What can I win this week?

Here’s what we’re adding this week!

Monday 11th December: Goodyear Newton MTF and MTR Tyres

Designed for gravity riding where you want grip and control (things that are pretty good to have whatever riding you’re doing, tbh) this is a pair of tyres with front and rear specific applications. Also available in DH and Trail casings, these are the Enduro version.

Tuesday 12th December: Specialized Gambit Helmet

A full face lightweight helmet from Specialized – one of Benji’s favourites. Light enough and ventilated enough to wear pedalling along, as well as on an uplift day. MIPS inside helps protect your brain from shearing impacts.

Wednesday 13th December: Ortlieb Seatpack QR

This seat pack fits onto your saddle rails with a quick release system, meaning it’s easy to remove and take your belongings inside with you, whether that’s a cafe stop or a far flung mountain top Refugio. The pack is dropper post compatible, making it a great choice for adventures off the beaten track. Waterproof with welded seams, and a valve to aid packing, and all made in Germany.

Thursday 14th December: FUNN Python Pedals

  • Value: £110
  • From: Funn

Thin flat pedals, ideal for giving you a touch more ground clearance. 11 replaceable pins for grip, and a full length bushing along the axle for maximum durability.

Friday 15th December: Sinter Brake Pad Bundle

  • Value: £54.99 for combo pack
  • From: Sinter

Brakes pads from Slovenian friction specialists, Sinter. Who only make organic pads. OK? They reckon their green pads are ideal for those who like to brake late and hard – and want their brakes to be silent. The blue pads are a little longer wearing, best used for on the back where you might end up dragging the brakes on steep stuff. The daily prize winner will get a blue/green combo pack to suit their brakes, while the Megasack winner will get 10 pairs of green pads. Plus you’ll both get a few other Sinter goodies, including some cool stickers.

What’s coming the following week? You’ll just have to wait and see…!

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  • What’s in Week 2 of the Megasack?
  • DickBarton
    Full Member

    More great prizes…

    Full Member

    I want to see the megasack winner try to use everything at once (as much as possible, I see we are on to the second helmet)

    Bikepacking on their burly enduro wheels/tyres and flat pedals and shoes, full face helmet while also in full waterproof winterwear. All bike bags full of unior tools for any posisble mishap.

    Full Member

    Great prizes as ever.

    I’ll take the tyres, seat pack and pedals please 😊🙏

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