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So you’ve left it to the last minute and now there’s no time to send anything through the post. Or perhaps you are seeing the person you’ve forgotten about in an hour and all the shops are shut. There’s not even time to grab a bunch of wilting petrol station flowers and you are starting to panic.

Relax! We got you!

You can gift that important* someone a year of digital joy by buying them a digital subscription to Singletrack and have it delivered to them instantly by the saviour of email.

Here’s how it works.

Click this button to go to our e-Gift Sub Page

Next just add the e-Gift Sub to your basket and head for the checkout.

Pop in your card details and billing address (Don’t put the recipients details in here – it is all about you at this stage)

Then the next bit is the important part!

Yeah, we know it says ‘coupons’ and no one in the UK says coupons apart from your dad telling you how he used to gamble your inheritance away every Saturday by trying to guess football scores. Let it go, yeah? **

If you select ‘Send to me‘ the email with the gift code and instructions will go to YOUR email address. If you want to print out the voucher code and put it in a card to hand over, then this is an option here.

If you select ‘Gift to someone else’ then this happens…

This is where you enter the email address of the person getting the gift sub. Then you can write them a snazzy message.

Here are some examples you can take inspiration from.

“Hey you. Sorry for this email present but I really couldn’t be f***** to go to an actual shop and buy you a real gift.”

“Merry Christmas! Here’s a way to pass the time at work when your boss isn’t looking while you watch the clock for 5pm and ride night!”

“Hey, you don’t know me but I saw your email address and thought I’d send you a present!”

“Here is an electronic gift to match our electronic lives. Maybe we’ll meet up on Zwift at some point this year?”

“I am emailing you a present because I live far away but I still love you”

Feel free to be the ultimate lazy-arsed gifter and copy and paste any of these fine examples.

Then just check out and once your payment has gone through the lucky recipient will get a lovely email from us with all the instructions on how to start their year of MTB online nonsense. (You can even spread the payments using Clearpay at no extra cost)

*Let’s not kid ourselves – if they were really important you’d not be sending them a last minute gift by email.

** Ask a Boomer.

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