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This week sees the Trash Free Trails 2023 Summit, and if you’re quick you can register to view the proceedings online. There are still a few in-person places up for grabs too, if you fancy a quick trip to North Wales.

It’s free to attend Friday’s session online and you’ll get to hear first hand about the work they’ve done this year. This includes so much more than ‘litter picking’. There’s a scientific study being undertaken into the effects of Single Use Plastic, and you’ll also hear an inspiring talk on Nature Connection. There will also be an ‘Emergence’ discussion, where we’ll learn how the outdoor industry has been working together to further the aims of Trash Free Trails and the interests of the environment.

Last year’s event was excellent, giving insight and inspiration into what we can do to help our environment. It also helped illustrate where different groups have overlapping interests and could work together. Lots of seeds of ideas were sown, so it will be interesting to see what’s taken root this year.

Inspired by last year’s summit, we’ve run a ‘Purposeful Adventure’ series in our print magazine this year, where TFT A-Teamer Pete Scullion has sought to show you the wonders of the landscapes that lie just beyond the trail. Have any of those stories inspired you to see the world a bit differently?

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