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Deals For Overheating Singletrack Members

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How about this weather eh? Pretty damned welcome isn’t it? The glorious weather also brings awesome heat and mountain bikers need to be prepared. Here is a roundup of all our Discy McDiscounts for hot weather.

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oakley sunglasses mountain biking

You may not actually feel cool, but you can look turbo cool just like Singletrack’s Amanda with 25% off Oakley sunglasses.


camelbak mountain biking
That time we scored Frensham Ponds during a drought?

“Hydrate or Die” was their slogan many years ago, and it is still true now. Your flashy bike won’t get you far when you are a shrivelled up crispy carcass in the deserts of Surrey. Singletrack members get 20% off.

Bum Butter

“Grease your crease” is this outfit’s summer slogan, because all that sweat on your back is trickling to one place… your bum. Bum Butter can also be used on your armpits, and under your knee pads.

Want a second opinion from a Doctor? The legendary Doctor of 80’s one hit wonders Doctor and The Medics uses it to keep his equipment fresh during the summer festival season.

Singletrack members get 25% off. (full disclosure: Happy Bottom Bum Butter is Charlie’s business)

Reef Footwear

reef sandals surfing.

Get out of your sweaty biking shoes and let the air flow around your post ride toes. Reef makes excellent sandals, flip flops and shoes. What’s more, some models even have a bottle opener built in for post ride bubbly carbo-loading. Their environmental efforts look impressive too, check out the picture below… but also… check out the picture. How about that shot? Singletrack members get 15% off.

SunGod Sunnies

sun god sunglasses
Sunglass joy is real.

They tell us “At SunGod our mission is simple: See Better. Through our market-leading performance eyewear products, through our actions and through doing business better. As a certified Carbon Neutral brand SunGod donates over 1% of revenue to sustainability-focused charities – and is now B Corp certified”. You get £10 off your new SunGod sunnies.

Hindsight – Rear View Sunglasses

Don’t look back in anger, just use these revolutionary rear-view sunglasses and you can see what variation of traffic is about to mess with you. Singletrack members get 15% Off at HindSight. I suppose they would also be handy if your hobbies include playing poker or taunting wild bears.

Sweaty Betty

Ok, this brand has been added to the hot deals list mainly for its brand name, and its tenuous connection with hot weather. The world is a better place when brands are upfront and a bit cheeky. I dream of starting a bike brand called “F***ing Good Bikes”. The conversation would go like this: “What bike are you riding now?”… “a F***ing Good Bike”. It works so well. Anyway….

Sweaty Betty has been empowering all women through fitness and beyond for 25 years. Famous for its sculpting leggings, Sweaty Betty continues to offer a differentiated point of view on high quality, performance activewear through its fearlessly feminine with a contemporary technical edge positioning.” Singletrack members get 20% off.

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Singletrack members get these and loads more discounts. If you are not a full member and love a good deal, then check out our deals on Singletrack membership. Yes, we are talking about deals on deals. The annual digital membership deal is only £12.50, and you make that back in no time with these hot discounts. Join over 6,000 other mountain bikers and start saving.

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