Making Up The Numbers Fort William World Champs Special

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George made the trip to Fort William between bouts of real life to catch the pros in practice. Hear from:

Part 1

  • Charlie Hatton
  • Dom Platt
  • Andreas Kolb
  • Emilie Siegenthaler
  • Nathan Carr
  • Jordan Williams
  • Matt Walker
  • Reece Wilson
  • Louise Ferguson & Ronan Dunne
  • Hattie Harnden
How many scoops did George get? Tune in.

Part 2

  • Jake Ireland & Eleonora Farina
  • Will Longden
  • Ian Jones
  • Joe Breeden
  • Grant Wildman
  • Monika Mixova
  • Wyn Masters
  • Ryan Pinkerton

Part 3

  • Camille Balanche
  • Phoebe Gale & Tahnee Seagrave
  • Gracey Hemstreet
  • Brook MacDonald
  • Laurie Greenland
  • Finn Iles
  • Simon Burney

Thanks to George for an epic effort pulling this one off. You’re probably listening to this while he’s still driving home!

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  • Making Up The Numbers Fort William World Champs Special
  • nickc
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    Ah cool, will give this a listen at the weekend, George is a really good interviewer 👍

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    Thanks Nick, always lovely to hear nice things 🙂

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