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Mental Mondays #13 – The get on out there edition

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Fancy getting out and about? Got itchy feet and want to head over the horizon to a new location? This week’s crossword theme is UK riding locations, with a bike park bias. Maybe it’ll have you looking at the map and planning a trip to some new to you trails.

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Solution to Singletrack Crossword #12

Well done to these users who completed Crossword #12

3Justin Bieber00:07:54
4Graham Bichan00:08:52
6Matt Cotterill00:10:57

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  • Mental Mondays #13 – The get on out there edition
  • colin9
    Full Member

    Ah I give up on 18 across. Two of the words in the clue don’t even make sense!


    Also the Swindon one took me ages. I knew the answer but couldn’t get the right order.

    Full Member

    The list of completers from last week is definitely missing some. I found it relatively straightforward and am not listed, so struggle to believe there were only 10 completers.


    Strangely, after completing the crossword, every time I go to the page, or work on other puzzles, it keeps asking me to re-enter my name/email.  Chrome, on android 11.

    Full Member

    @colin9 is it really too difficult? Adolf fictitiously relit? Acidity tortoise fulfill?

    Full Member

    I’m OK with 18 across – as Hannah suggests, apparently nonsensical clues usually imply a particular kind of answer, but I’m totally stuck on 16 down.

    I was also omitted from the list of completers – perhaps there were simply too many of us last week?

    Full Member

    @onewheelgood it would cause chaos if I gave you any help with that one.

    Full Member

    Are we getting another puzzle today? When will we see the list of completions? I need closure/distraction from work!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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