Mental Mondays #7 – The MAMIL edition

by 13

Hannah is the designer of this week’s tricky prize crossword, despite the fact that she’s spent the last week in Italy at a top secret bike launch.

For those about to attempt the this week’s slider puzzle – we salute you.

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Singletrack Crossword #7

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Jigsaw #7 – The Cover Shot

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Slider #7 – The MAMIL

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Solution to Singletrack Crossword #6

Well done to these users who completed Crossword #6

Toby W, Pete, Ol, Dave Macdonald, Landslide, andyspaceman, Pyro, Adam, scc999, mesh, Martin Sheldon, Andy Whincup, Jon, Jon Keefe, hightensionline, Pete (again)l.

Week #6 Winners

Toby W was first to complete the puzzle. Our random winner is Martin Sheldon

Contact with your address, to claim your prize. Make sure you use the same email address you entered into the completed puzzle panel.

Wordsearch for all

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  • Mental Mondays #7 – The MAMIL edition
  • dangeourbrain
    Full Member

    Stuck on 11, 21 and 22.

    I’m guessing 11 will be obvious but the other two, not so much!

    Full Member

    Are 5 down and 16 down not the same clue?

    Full Member

    Yes, but different answers

    Full Member

    They’re all easy when you know the answers!

    Which bike parts are left on your garage floor if you’ve already fitted all the bits you’ve got the answers for? 🙂

    Full Member

    Well that would be “random bolts” and “mystery spacer” but they belong on the floor.
    (and, appropriately, I’m pretty sure neither of them fits anywhere in the puzzle)

    Full Member

    Remind me never to get you to build me a bike @dangerbrain !

    Full Member

    If you’ve not got bits left over you’ve not done it properly!

    Still stuck on 22 though

    Full Member

    I think we should have a competition to see who can make the slider puzzle into a Picasso-esque picture

    Full Member

    Got stuck, so I left it for a couple of hours while I did some gardening. Got it all now. Nice one again, Hannah! And thanks to the IT bods for fixing all the things I complained about three weeks ago!

    Full Member

    Bump for funtimes.

    Full Member

    18 across was winding me up, infuriatingly obvious once I finally got it.

    Full Member

    Crossword was fun.

    Free Member

    Hats off to Chips for his olive green attire. Well sourced! Was in a cafe in France last summer when a horde of German cyclists pulled up – and they were big on blonde and olive, and not irony.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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