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Mental Mondays #3 – Crossword & puzzles by Chipps

by 9

Chipps is the designer of this week’s fiendishly tricky crossword. You may need to have your MTB historical records to hand to complete this one. Good luck.

Todays quiz was composed of clues I didn’t have to look up on the internet, so expect a mix of slightly retro, slightly historic with a mix of personalities. You probably won’t need your world atlas or Wikipedia for this one. Try it without resorting to the internet.


Don’t forget there are prizes for two of you who manage to complete our crossword and if it’s all too tricky there are some just for fun puzzles further down the page. Oh, and the solution to Singletrack Crossword #2 is down there along with all the names of those that successfully completed it.

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Singletrack Crossword #3

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Win a Singletrack Bobble Hat

If you successfully complete the Singletrack crossword then that get’s you a free entry into our prize draw. This week that amazing prize is a Singletrack Bobble Hat. You see, it’s not easy being a crossword smarty pants with all that hot brain action going on, so really you need to protect your grey matter from the March’s freezing rain. And that is why you need a Singletrack Bobble Hat.

Jigsaw #3 – Chipps’ Pub Bike

If you get to ride flash bikes as part of your job, what bike do you build yourself on a framebuilding course? Chipps decided on a ‘performance pub bike’. Three hub gears (to the pub, back from the pub and back from the pub down the hill), hub brakes for simplicity and big tyres for taking the off road detour.

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Slider #3 – Party Time

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Solution to Singletrack Crossword #2

Well done to these users who completed Crossword #2

Dave Macdonald, Martin Sheldon, Pyro, John ,Yak, Ol, Ally Mitchell, tracey, Graham Bichan, Tom Kirkpatrick, Dick Barton, Andy King, jon filkin, Anne Meade.

Week #2 Winners #2

Ally Mitchell was our fastest completion in 00:17:53s. Our random winner is Martin Sheldon.

Contact to claim your prize. Make sure you use the same email address you entered into the completed puzzle panel.

Wordsearch for all

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  • Mental Mondays #3 – Crossword & puzzles by Chipps
  • Chipps, loved that crossword. Certainly got some pangs of nostalgia. Good way to start a dull week at work!

    Full Member

    Only got 1 left to get and I can’t…the South West MTB company, just can’t get it!

    Jigsaw was good but I can’t get the slider to work…which is probably for the best as I should be working a bit more rather than taking the full hour for my lunch!

    @DickBarton check yer DM.

    Full Member

    Try the sliding puzzle now. I’ve removed the background image so you should be able to see the empty square more easily.

    Full Member


    , you have mail from me.

    Full Member

    I prefer that there is no completed image to copy on the jigsaw this week.

    Full Member

    I couldn’t figure out the SW bike company and the pickle clue. Great fun though. Keep them going.

    Full Member

    The southwest-based bike company is a toughie. Beyond Orange’s predecessor Tushingham, and X-Lite I can’t think of many SW-based companies from that far back.
    I’m also still struggling with what puts you on the map (not EPO surprisingly!) and what really powers the forum. I’ll kick myself on the latter, I’ve seen/heard it on several occasions.

    Full Member

    <h2>Whoops, you are over your limit! (1000)</h2>
    This puzzle owner had so many puzzle players that the account ran out of its available puzzle plays. This can be solved by the puzzle owner through upgrading

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