Amanda’s Birthday Bargain: Reclaim Your Youth With Tie-Dye

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It’s Amanda’s birthday, so it’s time for another birthday promo in our web shop. Amanda has picked our Tie Dye T-shirts:

Cake: model’s own.

Why Tie Dye? Because each T-shirt is unique and was carefully crafted by either Hannah, Zoe or me on the studio roof. I could bore you all with the process, which included Hannah burning her foot, but the clue is in the name. Tie dye. Hannah attempted Tie Die, but we saved her and she continued the day with a plastic bag on her foot. So, if you buy yourself one of these unique items, you own a piece of the story.


Women’s Wonky Tie Dye T-Shirts, half price!

Health and safety at work

And, because we know many of you will be sad that these are in short supply and only in a women’s fit, we’ve got another offer for you:

Use code Birthday5 when you spend £25.00, to get £5.00 off!

That’s £5 off when you spend £25 on anything in our shop. Not a bad way to celebrate our Amanda getting a bit closer to maturity. With any luck, maturity will keep edging away from her, staying just out of reach for a little longer.

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Amanda Wishart

Art Director

Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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  • Amanda’s Birthday Bargain: Reclaim Your Youth With Tie-Dye
  • matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    Tie Dye is ace. One of my lads is well into it…

    Full Member

    Happy Birthday!

    Small shirt ordered for my daughter. 😀

    Free Member

    Great looking cake.

    Full Member

    I have a complaint as this offer has exposed a tension in my marriage. T-shirt for the wife arrived and I excitedly got her to open it. Lovely colours (the blue/pinky one) and great quality. But the wife said “but of course, I don’t love singletrack, I’m scared of it”. Offering the alternative view that it is the forum that is referenced didn’t help as “that’s where you spend all your time”. Oh dear.

    Full Member

    Ha! Thankfully no such discussion with my daughter, she just loves it! 🙂

    Full Member

    @csb Might I politely suggest that if your wife isn’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong? Please find your wife something delicious and sinewy that makes her whoop with joy as she wriggles her way along it. Singletrack doesn’t have to be scary.

    Here is a picture of one of my favourite bits of singletrack. It’s not scary at all, it just wriggles through some especially attractive fields, at just the right gradient to let off the brakes.

    Full Member

    For context, what we are dealing with here is the legacy of my taking her on the red at Coed-y-brenin 20 years ago as her first taste of mountain biking. She does now like a bit of blue swoopy.

    Full Member

    Unfortunately(?), I haven’t got any daughters or wives to buy a female specific t-shirt for, plus I was more of a The Cure or Joy Division black t-shirt type in my youth…. but man, does that cake look awesome!
    Happy birthday!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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