Jack Reading’s Gravity School: Episode 2

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Feeling like it’s just too long to wait until the next episode of Happy Valley? Don’t worry, the next episode of Gravity School is here. There’s a lot less crime, but a lot more grime. Still plenty of steep descents though. Enjoy!

The second of our Junior Scholarship sessions. This time at our private training compound (please don’t ask where this is or attempt to go and ride at this venue, as the land owners will not appreciate this). For this session the track conditions were challenging, with snow and mud to contend with.

The focus of the session for the riders was:

1/ being dynamic and fluid on the bike. By this we mean being able to quickly and efficiently link movements, such as hitting a corner, jumping straight onto the pedals as they exit the corner, and then quickly adjusting to the next feature (whatever it is). Riding loose and relaxed is essential for this skills, and in these conditions, extremely important.

2/ Visualisation of the track between runs, to increase the rate at which the rider is ready to do fast timed runs. This skill is used in lots of different sports, and is vital for success in downhill. The guys had a good day and we’ll look to arrange another session for them soon!

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