Hope F22

Hope F22 flat pedal: initial riding impressions

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The Hope F22 flatties arrived a couple of days before Christmas, but despite kids, trips away and a bit of illness we’ve still managed a few rides on them. And the early signs are very promising…

Hope F22

Hope F22 features

  • Redesigned platform
  • 5 axis machined body (in Barnoldswick, UK)
  • Larger concave dome profile
  • Asymmetric and tapered shape “for the right balance between foot stability & clearance”
  • Longer and adjustable pins with a unique hex shape face for extra bite
  • Enhanced concavity with shorter pins used towards the centre of the platform
  • Reverse loading pins so less chance of getting stuck or untightening on the trail
  • Internals from F20 remain
  • Three cartridge bearings and an IGUS bush
  • Internal and external sealing
  • Serviceable and re-buildable
  • Revised axle design for improved strength and impact resistance
  • Weight 360g per pair
  • Price: £145 RRP
  • hopetech.com

Hope Tech: “Manufactured in Barnoldswick, the platform has been re-designed with a clever dual concave profile as well as a new asymmetric shape that extends further (where the F20 did not) to give better shoe support and a superior planted feel. Platform grip comes from 22 pins, with an all-new design the pins are height adjustable and feature a unique hex shape to help keep your shoe locked in place.

“We kept the same proven F20 internal layout but revised the axle design for more strength, and long-term durability.

“Like everything we manufacture the F22 is fully serviceable with three internal cartridge bearings and all the internal and external seals you’ve grown accustomed to from our pedals.”

Initial riding impressions

The F22’s arrived without pins installed so the first job was to fit them. They are supplied with two different size pins for different areas – long hexagonal pins that thread in from the back for the front and rear of the pedals, and shorter more ‘grub screw’ style pins that fit on the inside and outside and outside of the platform. Slightly annoyingly the long pins use a 2.5mm hex and the short pins use a 2mm hex. You also get a bunch of washers should you want to alter the length. With all pins (and no washers) fitted the F22’s came in at 364g for the pair on my trusty kitchen scales.

I’ve recently used a few different pedals on various bikes – DMR Vaults, Nukeproof Horizons, and Burgtec Penthouse MK5 – and so far the F22’s are up there with the best.  Whether it’s a long pedal or big rocky hits, the F22’s have felt comfortable and supportive and I’ve not experienced any undue pressure or hotspots. The big platform feels solid and secure underfoot, with the shape and size working well for me, and gives you a big target to aim for when you inevitably do drag a foot. 

I’ve used them pretty much exclusively with Ride Concept Livewire shoes (review here)  and so far the grip has been nothing but impressive. They were fitted onto a new bike which can sometimes show up any grip issues until you’ve got your suspension dialled but in the small number of rides I’ve had, I’ve not slipped a pedal or had any issues, whether on fast chattery roots, or big heavy repeated rock hits. – they are properly grippy. This becomes even obvious when you come to move your foot position slightly and it takes more of a lift than a quick shuffle that you can get away with on some other pedals.


A handful of rides doesn’t really make for a full review, but from the limited time I’ve had on them the Hope F22 flatties have impressed me with their performance. They’re big, they’re grippy and they look good. So far so good.

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While you’re here…

Review Info

Brand: Hope
Product: F22 Flat Pedal
From: hopetech.com
Price: £145
Tested: by Ross for 2 weeks
Author Profile Picture
Ross Demain

Ad Sales Manager

Ross pairs his childlike excitement for bikes with a complete disregard for the wellbeing of his ribs, or his rims. Best known for riding cheeky trails, his time is also spent trail building in his local woods, drinking beer, eating pies and entertaining his two children.

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  • Hope F22 flat pedal: initial riding impressions
  • rootes1
    Full Member

    Just to get in quick looking at all the PB comments looking at all the PB comments about lack of concavity (that a word?)…

    Clearly not concaved like T-Macs, but the central ‘Y’ shape is clearly lower than the perimeter of the pedal. That combined with the shorter middle pins would give a little bit of shape.

    As a big foot though, would be nice to see something bigger, will have to take a look in the shop when they appear.

    Full Member

    Slightly annoyingly the long pins use a 2.5mm hex and the short pins use a 2mm hex

    This annoys me more than I thought possible. Why would they do that? 2mm hex keys are a curse

    Full Member

    looking at all the PB comments about lack of concavity

    Not surprising but I think there is a fair bit of received wisdom and straight bollocks talked about pedal shape. Vaults don’t have a huge amount of concavity and the usually well reviewed Nukeproof Horizons have a pancake flat pedal body.

    Full Member

    Yeah, concavity isn’t really the right word, it seems to have become more or less a shorthand for “my feet feel like they’re on the pins not on the body” and that’s about all sorts of things, pin placement and length, etc etc. So yeah a vault is concave and a horizon is flat but they both feel about the same because in both cases the pins around the edge have enough pressure on them to bite. Maybe a really good shape allows for the same grip and feel with less aggressive pins? But I’ve never found that goldilocks pedal.

    I like the look of these tbh. They look less distinct than the old ones but that’s probably just convergent evolution, this is a shape that works, the F20 looked basically like they’d stuck extra bits in the middle because they were worried it wasn’t strong enough.

    I know people like bolt-through pins but grub screws/open headed bolts have more grip than solid pins- seems almost like a throwback to the very first F20? That was a lesson they were pretty slow to learn last time, there was that whole fiasco where journalists were getting sent pins that the public couldn’t get, because the gen 1 pins basically didn’t grip.

    All that said… These are bloody good and about 1/8th as expensive. though they have gone up £2 since I got mine.


    Full Member

    Slightly annoyingly the long pins use a 2.5mm hex and the short pins use a 2mm hex.

    Just like @honourablegeorge said, this is more than annoying. 2mm keys are a pain. And having to use 2 different keys if you’ve got a mix of pin lengths? That’s cruel.

    Full Member

    I keep looking at these and I’d like to like them but I’m not sure about tall skinny pins. Skinny pins have a funny feel to me.

    Also, if I do try a pair it will have to be silver as the graphics don’t stand out. Hope aren’t the best at graphics are they.

    Full Member

    Re: graphics It’s pretty tricky how they etched “Hope” on the inside face of the body center piece/hub!

    Full Member

    Slightly annoyingly the long pins use a 2.5mm hex and the short pins use a 2mm hex.

    This is just bizarre for a company that manufactures its stuff in house. Is it a parts bin special?
    Does the designer have schizophrenia? Did the work experience guy get assigned the short pins and nobody signed off his work?

    How odd.

    Free Member

    Yet look at Hope brakes and they’ve clearly learned that Tx works better than hex for the really small stuff.

    Free Member

    Those pins are copied from Oneup alloy pedals but silver, they are savage, just standing over the bike if your pedal hits your calf they’ll leave their mark, luckily they’re so grippy I haven’t had the dreaded smack to the shim bone yet.

    Free Member

    It’s nice to see a Hope product that is within my affordability range. They look good too.

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